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Check out this new memoir by author Trina Machacek, Life After Death! 

Title: Life After a Death by Trina Machacek

Publication Date: 3rd May 2022

Genre: Memoir/ Grief/ Humor


The Widow Road Is…

Excruciatingly painful, a daily adventure into the unknown.
As exciting as going to the dentist and finding you’ve a second set of wisdom teeth.


As the days come and go and go and come things get… What do they get? Easier? Calmer? No. They get weird.

Becoming a one instead of half a twosome is not what you bargained for? You find yourself really alone, a lot?

You need a cheerleader. You need to hear you are going to live again. You need hope.

With all the courage of a kitten coming out of the box for the first time, and seeing the world in a new light, Trina found widowhood wasn’t all that bad. Oh there will be bad. Its life there will always be bad and mad and sad.

That’s exactly when Trina will buck you up with, “you got this.”

Available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble

About the Author:

Born in 1955, married in 1976, widowed in 2018. Trina is finding this last path as another challenge to tackle with all the gusto it took her to start her self-syndicated national newspaper column “Is This You?” when she started it in 2012. Or writing her books, “They Call Me Weener” and “Life After A Death.” Hop aboard her widow train and become, as she says, “The best dang widow on your block.” ‘Course she laughs and points out she is the only person on her one mile square block in Diamond Valley, Nevada. Connect with her on Facebook:

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The Write Balance: How To Embrace Percolation, Revision & Going Public by Bonni Goldberg @bonnigoldberg @rararesources #BlogTour #BookReview #Writing

Hello lovelies and welcome to my spot on the blog blitz for The Write Balance by Bonni Goldberg organised by Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources. I’ll be sharing my review and there’s an exciting giveaway (see bottom of post).

Title: The Write Balance: How To Embrace Percolation, Revision & Going Public by Bonni Goldberg 

Date Published: 24th January 2022

Genre: Non Fiction/ Writing Advice


Bonni Goldberg’s The Write Balance introduces you to alternative perspectives and motivation for lasting creative fulfillment. This companion book to the beloved bestseller, Room to Write is filled with encouragement, tools, examples and exercises.

Through years of teaching writing in workshops and in classrooms, Bonni has seen that the writers who are most passionate and grounded in their Writing Self embrace three aspects of the writing process: nurturing ideas, revising to best communicate those ideas, and completing the writing cycle by going public.

In this powerful guide, Bonni invites you to explore these creative stages which are essential to satisfying your Writing Self.

Use The Write Balance to:

  • Find Fulfillment as a Writer
  • Explore Creative Writing
  • Add to Your Writer’s Toolbox for Perspective
  • Overcome Writer’s Block
  • Teach Creative Writing
  • Inspire Your Writing Group
  • Give as Gifts to the Writers in Your Life

You can buy your copy here: – 


I want to thank Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on this tour and the author for providing me with a copy of The Write Balance in exchange for an honest review.

The Write Balance is not a how to write book or a regular craft book. It’s about self-reflection when it comes to your writing, examining what is holding you back, and helping you with practical advice and exercises to break down those barriers.

The author knows her stuff as both a writer and teacher and it really shone through while I was reading. 

It’s split into three sections; Percolation (the process before the first draft takes shape, Revision (the writer’s role after you’ve finished your first draft and Going public (a writer’s mission once the manuscript is done).

I found the Percolation section particularly helpful. I’m one of those people who comes up with a new idea, gets excited about it and starts writing without really exploring the idea in full, which is probably one reason why I never finish anything!

The style of writing is laid back and conversational, without condescension or judgement. I honestly felt a bit like I’d been for a therapy session for my writing after reading it!

It’s also the perfect book to dip in and out of when you need it.

The Write Balance is like having your own writing coach, packed with positivity and encouragement, perfect if you’re a beginner or if you’re just feeling burnout or fed up with your writing. 

I will now have to pick up a copy of Bonni Goldberg’s other book Room to Write!

About The Author:

Bonni Goldberg is the author of The Write Balance: How to Embrace Percolation, Revision & Going Public, the companion book to the best-seller Room to Write: Daily Invitations to a Writer’s Life. Bonni is an award-winning poet and writer. She is the creator of the 2 Minute Journals™ series. Both traditionally and indie published, her books include non-fiction for adults and fiction and non-fiction for young readers. Her essays and blog posts can be found in numerous print and online publications.

Bonni teaches creative writing at colleges and leads writing workshops internationally for all ages. She knows everyone is creative, and she supports people to discover and share their authentic, meaningful and imaginative experiences through words. Whether through her writings or through teaching, her methods and perspectives continue to empower thousands of adults, families, and children.

Bonni is also a Jewish educator. She speaks, writes, and leads workshops on Jewish topics such as Jewish identity, rituals and antisemitism at Jewish women’s events, JCCs, and conferences. 

Bonni Goldberg lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner in life, and some creative projects, artist Geo Kendall.

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Primed for Vengeance by Gill D Anderson @GillianAnders16 @lovebookstours @igbooktours #BlogTour #Excerpt #BookPromo

Hello lovelies! Today I have an exclusive excerpt from Primed For Vengeance by Gill D. Anderson as part of the Love Books Tours blog tour. First, a little about the book:

Title: Primed for Vengeance by Gill D Anderson

Date Published: 2nd August 2021 

Genre: Thriller/suspense/dark drama 


Butch is a young man who plans to seek revenge towards those responsible for his suffering and he intends to punish them in the worst possible way.

Butch harbours intense feelings of anger and self-loathing and blames his upbringing for this. Butch is ready to attack and is primed for vengeance. Will he ever find a way to reconcile his past to make peace with the present?

Sarah is a bright young woman whose sole mission in life is to spread kindness and help others.

Sarah puts her heart and soul into her role in managing young people living in state care. Her intentions are good, but out of the blue, her life starts to unravel in the most horrific way. Sarah finds herself in the middle of a terrible dilemma whereby the choices she makes have a much bigger impact on those she cares about than she could ever have imagined.

Jock is a youth worker who brings the light into the darkest days of the young people he works with. He is a happy go lucky guy who finds himself in an unexpected precarious position. Jock steps up to tackle the most challenging situation he has ever faced and does not waver. But will he succeed in his attempt to talk a troubled youth out of committing yet another heinous crime?

Detective Dylan Mathews is highly disturbed by the poems being received by a young woman named Kate Jones. As they become increasingly sinister in nature, he and his team work around the clock to catch the writer whom police have nicknamed ‘The Riddler’. Dylan reports to Senior Sergeant Robert Gardner who is impossible to please. The personality clash between the two men only hinders the progress of the investigation.

What is behind Gardner’s hatred of Dylan? Will the police be able to catch ‘The Riddler’ before it’s too late?


Butch never used his real name anymore. Nothing was left of him that was remotely like his younger self. Any hope he’d once had was well and truly gone. The ability to give or receive love was never going to become a reality and the likelihood of developing a moral compass or a sense of right or wrong was laughable. To hell with having a conscience! Butch was on a mission. There would be blood, there would be tears and ultimately there would be death. The anticipation of his victim’s blood on his hands excited him like nothing else. No other thought made him feel that way, which was unfortunately why there was no choice but to undertake tonight’s gruesome task.

His not-so-lucky victim, whom he’d nicknamed ‘the heartbreaker’, was a regular passenger on the tram. Often she would be sitting close to him without even realising it. The heartbreaker’s pretty little face was either buried in her mobile phone like most of the commuters or she would be chatting away to the other regular passengers. Butch knew which stop she would disembark at, given he’d been following her journey to and from work for a while now. The fact that she caught the tram was a blessing because no one thought twice about seeing the same people on the daily commute. Therefore, it would not rouse her suspicion if she were to notice him. As he’d unpacked that thought a little more, a red mist came down over his eyes and he clenched his fists tightly. The realisation that she had not in fact noticed his recent presence on the tram suddenly felt like a knife through his heart. 

You can buy your copy here:

About The Author:

Gill was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and immigrated to Adelaide, South Australia in 2004 with her husband and two daughters. Gill studied at Flinders University in South Australia and has a double degree in Social Work and Social Planning. Gill has almost two decades of experience in the field of Child Protection in South Australia working with families in crisis and vulnerable children.  Gill began writing stories and poems from a young age and finally took the plunge to write her first novel Hidden from View in 2019. As a Glenelg local, Gill was widely supported by the community and other businesses and this gave her the confidence to keep writing. As such, she went on to pen her second novel The Chosen Seven then her third novel Melita followed by her latest release Primed for Vengeance.

The Nowhere Child by Christian White #BookReview

I have another Beat The Backlog review for you today!

Title: The Nowhere Child by Christian White

Publisher: Harper Collins 

Publication Date: 22nd January 2019

Genre: Thriller


One photograph is all it takes to turn your world upside down.

You stare at the picture. It shows a missing child who was abducted from her Kentucky home twenty years ago.

But the kidnapped child doesn’t just look like you; she is you…

Your real name is Sammy Went – and the people you thought were family have been lying to you all your life.

But what really happened all those years ago? And how far would you go for the truth?


Another book that has been languishing on my NetGalley Shelf.

The Nowhere Child is Christian White’s debut novel centring around Australian photography teacher Kimberly Leamy, who suddenly finds out that her whole life is a lie and her real name is Sammy West, who was abducted from a small town in America 28 years earlier. 

I have very mixed feelings about this book. It felt like a unique twist on the whole child abduction trope, which was enjoyable, but there were times when I honestly didn’t think I was going to actually finish the book!

The first half was very slow burn with a cast of mostly unlikeable characters. Then there was the back and forth in the timeline to the present time, then back to 1990. The present day gripped me, but the aftermath of Sammy’s abduction felt lacklustre. It was mostly focused on the dysfunctional family of the Wests, along with seemingly random characters connected to the story, which meant there was a lot going on and not much tying it all together. 

However, I enjoyed the small town setting of Mason, which felt claustrophobic and unsettling. Then there was the cult-like religious group the church of the Light Within, with their snake handling and overly devout followers added an extra creep factor to the novel. The tension and pace picked up in the second half, and the ending was so action packed and twisty that it almost made up for the rest of the story. 

Still, if you enjoy a slow burn thriller, then I would definitely recommend The Nowhere Child to you.

About The Author:

Christian White is an Australian author and screenwriter. His debut novel, The Nowhere Child, won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an Unpublished Manuscript. He co-created the television series Carnivores, currently in development with Matchbox Pictures and Heyday TV, and co-wrote Relic, a psychological horror feature film to be produced by Carver Films (The Snowtown Murders, Partisan).

Born and raised on the Mornington Peninsula, Christian had an eclectic range of ‘day jobs’ before he was able to write full-time, including food-cart driver on a golf course and video editor for an adult film company. He now spends his days writing from his home in Melbourne where he lives with his wife, the filmmaker Summer DeRoche, and their adopted greyhound, Issy. He has a passion for true crime podcasts, Stephen King and anything to do with Bigfoot. The Nowhere Child is his first book. Christian’s currently working on his second novel, due for publication by Affirm Press in 2019.

The Serial Killer’s Girl by L.H. Stacey @LyndaStacey @rararesources @BoldwoodBooks #BlogTour #BookReview

Title: The Serial Killer’s Girl by L.H. Stacey 

Date Published: 27th April 2022

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Genre: Psychological Thriller


Does a killer’s blood run in the family?

Lexi Jakes thought she could run from her past.

But when her biological mother is found dead, strangled with a red silk scarf and holding a chess piece, Lexi knows that her worst nightmare has come true. Because the murder has all the hallmarks of her own serial killer father, renown strangler Peter Graves.

Now with her own precious daughter’s life in danger, Lexi will do anything to keep her child safe…she is her father’s daughter after all.

You can buy your copy here –


I want to thank Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on this tour and Boldwood Books for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

I was intrigued by the synopsis, I love a good serial killer thriller, so I thought I’d give the book a go.

Lexi Jakes has been hiding the fact that she’s the daughter of a serial killer for so long it feels like it’s just going to be like that for the rest of her life. Unfortunately for her, someone kills her biological mother using her dad’s MO, forcing her to flee to keep her young daughter safe. But the killer won’t let things go and won’t stop until Lexi is dead.

I felt for Lexi. She was only six years old when her dad was arrested and her mum abandoned her. All of that is hard enough, but a killer is after her too hellbent on revenge and all she wants to do is keep her daughter safe. I’ll be honest, it took me a bit of time to warm up to her. There were a few times I found her a little whiny.

I loved the setting of Lindisfarne aka Holy island, which gets cut off from the mainland of Britain during high tide and there’s only one road off the island. It added atmosphere and excitement to the story.

We have Lexi’s perspective, but alongside, we have the killer’s thoughts and feelings. I always enjoy peering inside the mind of a killer, seeing their motivations for their twisted deeds and how they justify things to themselves.

I will say this was slower paced than I expected it to be, which is not a bad thing, but I was expecting a faster pace with a bit more tension.

The Serial Killer’s Girl is a slow burn, character driven thriller, perfect if you’re looking for a bit of escapism.

About The Author: 

Lynda Stacey is the bestselling psychological suspense author of over five novels. Alongside her writing she is a full-time sales director for an office furniture company and has been a nurse, an emergency first response instructor and a PADI Staff Instructor. She lives near Doncaster with her husband.

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#BookReview Off Target by Eve Smith

Title: Off Target by Eve Smith

Publisher: Orenda Books

Date Published: 17th December 2021

Genre: Thriller


An unthinkable decision

A deadly mistake

In an all-too-possible near future, when genetic engineering has become the norm for humans, not just crops, parents are prepared to take incalculable risks to ensure that their babies are perfect … altering genes that may cause illness, and more…

Susan has been trying for a baby for years, and when an impulsive one-night stand makes her dream come true, she’ll do anything to keep her daughter and ensure her husband doesn’t find out … including the unthinkable. She believes her secret is safe. For now.

But as governments embark on a perilous genetic arms race and children around the globe start experiencing a host of distressing symptoms – even taking their own lives – something truly horrendous is unleashed. Because those children have only one thing in common, and people are starting to ask questions…

Bestselling author of The Waiting Rooms, Eve Smith returns with an authentic, startlingly thought-provoking, disturbing blockbuster of a thriller that provides a chilling glimpse of a future that’s just one modification away…


I want to thank the TBC Reviewer Group and Orenda Book for providing me with a copy of Off Target in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed Eve Smith’s debut novel, The Waiting Rooms, so I immediately wanted to read her next book.

Off Target is a realistic psychological thriller with a sci-fi twist, much like her first novel, but this one it centres around pregnancy, IVF and the risks of messing with our genetic makeup.

In the not too distant future, deadly diseases are being eradicated with the help of ‘editing’. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make sure their child is happy and healthy? Sadly, people take things too far with consequences for everyone.

I really felt for Susan. She so much wants a child and watching her suffer through unexplained infertility was tough to read, her longing and desperate reading comes through in the writing. A one stand leads to a baby, but in order to protect her marriage, she goes to great lengths to stop her secret from coming out. The story fast forwards eleven years and we watch Susan struggle to be a good mother and bond with her daughter Zurel, carrying around her guilt.

This is the kind of book that will make you think. It covers the tough subject of infertility and IVF but also the moral dilemmas around gene editing and whether that sort of thing is ever right.

I feel like this book was a bit of a slow burn, with pretty much all the action happening near the end of the book, which made the ending feel a bit rushed, but of course that’s my opinion.

If you’re looking for a character driven novel about moral dilemmas that will give you plenty to think about afterwards, then I would highly recommend Off Target to you.

About The Author:

Longlisted for the Guardian’s Not the Booker Prize and described by British bookshop chain Waterstones as: “an exciting new voice in crime fiction”, Eve Smith’s debut novel The Waiting Rooms was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize First Novel Award and was selected as a book of the month in The Guardian just after launch.

“Smith combines the excitement of a medical thriller à la Michael Crichton with sensitive characterisation and social insight in a timely debut novel all the more remarkable for being conceived and written before the current pandemic.”

Her new thriller, Off Target, is another chilling, prophetic page-turner set in a near future, when genetic engineering has become the norm for humans, not just crops, and parents are prepared to take incalculable risks to ensure their babies are perfect.

The Times picked it as one of their books of the month, describing it as “an astute, well-researched and convincing novel of ideas”.

Eve writes speculative fiction, mainly about the things that scare her. In this world of questionable facts, stats and news, she believes storytelling is more important than ever to engage people in real life issues.

She attributes her love of all things dark and dystopian to a childhood watching Tales of the Unexpected and black-and-white Edgar Allen Poe double bills.

Eve’s previous job as COO of an environmental charity took her to research projects across Asia, Africa and the Americas, and she has an ongoing passion for wild creatures, wild science and far-flung places.

When she’s not writing, she’s chasing across fields after her dog, attempting to organise herself and her family or off exploring somewhere new.

Find out more at

Follow Eve: @evecsmith on Twitter, EveSmithAuthor on FB & Instagram

#LifeSentence by A.K. Turner @AnyaLipska @ZaffreBooks #BlogTour #CassieRaven #BookReview

Title: Life Sentence by A.K. Turner

Date Published: 14th April 2022

Publisher: Zaffre

Genre: Crime Thriller


Following her first outing in Body Language (published 2019), Camden mortuary technician Cassie Raven returns to solve another ingenious forensic mystery. 

Mortuary technician Cassie Raven believes the last thoughts of the dead linger like static in the air…

Cassie has always had a strange affinity with death, ever since her parents were killed in a car crash when she was four. At least that’s what she grew up believing…

But that was a lie. Cassie’s father is alive. He was convicted of murdering her mother and spent years behind bars. Now he’s out – and he’s looking for her.

He swears he didn’t do it. And Cassie wants to believe him.

To find the truth, she must turn detective. As she seeks answers, help is to be found in inexplicable places – for the dead are ready to talk.


I want to thank Tracy Fenton at Compulsive Readers for inviting me on this blog tour and Zaffre for providing me with a copy of Life Sentence in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed mortuary assistant Cassie Raven’s first outing, Body Language, so I jumped at the chance to read Life Sentence. I would highly recommend you start with book one first to get to know Cassie and the other characters better.

Life Sentence is an utterly gripping crime thriller with an unusual protagonist and emotional rollercoaster of a storyline. 

At the end of the last book, there were revelations for Cassie after finding out that her dad was actually alive and murdered her mother twenty years earlier. She’s really struggling with everything and doubting her memories, not helped by the fact that her father comes back into her life claiming that he’s innocent. Unsure whether or not to believe him, she digs into her mother’s case, unable to move on until she finds the truth.

As with the first book, I enjoyed the back and forth between Cassie and DS Phyllida Flyte. They seem like opposites. Flyte is uptight and by the book, whereas Cassie has a more I don’t care what people think of me attitude but underneath all that they care about people and that justice is served. I also feel there’s a bit of chemistry between the two and I wonder where that’s heading.

I really enjoyed learning more about Cassie and her childhood throughout the novel, but we also learned more about Flyte and events in her own background, too.

The tension builds up nicely through the story, with plenty of little shocks along the way that kept me turning those pages.

I had a sneaking suspicion who the culprit could be about halfway through the book, but the story kept me doubting myself until the big reveal.

Life Sentence has left me wanting more and I can’t wait to see what will happen next for Cassie Raven!

About the Author:

A.K. Turner’s first foray into crime fiction was a detective thriller trilogy, written under the pen name Anya Lipska, following the adventures of Janusz Kiszka, a fixer to London’s Polish community. All three books won critical acclaim and were twice optioned as a possible TV series. In her other life as a TV producer and writer, A.K. makes documentaries and drama-docs on subjects as diverse as the Mutiny on the Bounty, the sex lives of Neanderthals, and Monty Don’s Italian Gardens. 

Burial Grounds (Detective Mike Nash 14) by Bill Kitson @JoffeBooks @Booksnall2020

Hello lovelies! Today I have a book spotlight for Burial Grounds, the latest in the Detective Mike Nash series by Bill Kitson, as part of the blog tour organised by Jill Burkinshaw at Books ‘n’ all Promotions.

Title: Burial Grounds (Detective Mike Nash 14) by Bill Kitson

Date Published: 14th April 2022

Publisher: Joffe Books

Genre: Police Procedural


Detective Mike Nash thought that moving back to Yorkshire from London would give him a quieter life. Little did he know . . .

A young woman killed in a hit-and-run. A naked body in the cemetery. A local woman reported missing.

A young mother-to-be out for an evening jog is callously struck down in a hit-and-run.

Three weeks later, Detective Mike Nash is called out to the local cemetery. A naked body has been found — a body which definitely shouldn’t be there — placed face down on a grave.

The post-mortem reveals that the victim was restrained with manacles, and then drowned, his body kept upside-down in water for several days after death.

It’s soon established that the dead man was Andrew Derrick, who worked for a local IT company. Quiet, well-mannered, he kept himself to himself. The motive for his murder is a mystery.

Then a second body turns up in the cemetery, killed in the same macabre way. And another employee from the company is reported missing.

What connects them? DI Nash pieces the clues together . . . and finds himself on the trail of a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to ensure the truth remains hidden.

A breathtaking crime thriller perfect for fans of Ian Rankin, J. R. Ellis, L. J. Ross, Angela Marsons, Janice Frost, David J. Gatward, J.D. Kirk, Helen H. Durrant, Joy Ellis, Biba Pearce, D.S. Butler or Peter Robinson.


“Whenever I put it down, I couldn’t wait to pick it back up and start again.” Christine

“I enjoyed this story so much that I finished it within a day. A maze full of surprises that readers of this author should be happy with. I honestly couldn’t fault it.” Kindle Customer

Absolutely suburb read, this author is incredible.” Cynthia D.

Another excellent read from the pen of Bill Kitson.” Keith H.


A highly talented detective, he was a rising star in the Metropolitan Police. Following a particularly gruesome case involving a sadistic serial killer, Nash turns down the chance of promotion and heads back to his native county of Yorkshire. He hopes that returning to his roots will bring peace of mind. However, although the pace of life seems gentler, the crimes prove no less horrific. His skills are tested to the limit by a series of violent crimes that threaten to ruin his plans for a more relaxed lifestyle. Nor is his secret ambition to settle down made any easier by his one weakness, a seemingly unquenchable thirst for female company. That is, until . . . ?


The books are set in a fictional rural North Yorkshire with a scattering of market towns, many small villages and countryside that changes from high moorland with dramatic crags, mountain tarns and sparse vegetation, to the gentler, lush agricultural land lower down the valley that is bisected by the river Helm. The town of Helmsdale is where Mike Nash and his team are based, in a sub-division of their headquarters in the larger town of Netherdale. Further to the west is Bishopton, also part of the hub our detectives cover.









Book 8: DEAD & GONE

Book 9: HIDE & SEEK






About The Author:

Bill Kitson was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire. His father, a wool merchant, was a fan of crime books giving Bill access to his diverse thriller collection from a young age.

Educated at Ashville College, Bill worked in the family business before spending over thirty years as a bank executive. A keen cricketer and sportsman, the highlight of his career came when he umpired a one-day international at Lords.

He and his wife now live in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, where he writes crime, romance, and general fiction. Bill’s interests include Cricket, Crime, Crete, Cookery, Cryptic crosswords – and also Alliteration.

Photo Credit: J Brian Beadle

























Demon by Matt Wesolowski @OrendaBooks @ConcreteKraken #BookReview

Title: Demon by Matt Wesolowski

Date Published: 20th December 2021

Publisher: Orenda Books

Genre: Thriller


Scott King’s podcast investigates the 1995 cold case of a demon possession in a rural Yorkshire village, where a 12-year-old boy was murdered in cold blood by two children. Book six in the chilling, award-winning Six Stories series.

In 1995, the picture-perfect village of Ussalthwaite was the site of one of the most heinous crimes imaginable, in a case that shocked the world. Twelve-year-old Sidney Parsons was savagely murdered by two boys his own age. No reason was ever given for this terrible crime, and the ‘Demonic Duo’ who killed him were imprisoned until their release in 2002, when they were given new identities and lifetime anonymity.

Elusive online journalist Scott King investigates the lead-up and aftermath of the killing, uncovering dark and fanciful stories of demonic possession, and encountering a village torn apart by this unspeakable act.

And, as episodes of his Six Stories podcast begin to air, King himself becomes a target, with dreadful secrets from his own past dredged up and threats escalating to a terrifying level. It becomes clear that whatever drove those two boys to kill is still there, lurking, and the campaign of horror has just begun…


I want to thank the TBC Reviewer Group and Orenda Book for providing me with a copy of Demon in exchange for an honest review.

The previous book in the Six Stories series Deity was one of my top reads of last year, so I jumped at the chance to read Demon.

If you don’t know this series, each book is told like a true crime podcast from six different viewpoints, through a mix of interviews, news articles and letters/emails. This case concerns the death of a 12-year-old boy, Sidney Parsons, by two other boys his own age, nicknamed the demonic duo. 

Yet again I have another book hangover thanks to Matt Wesolowski. I’m not complaining though!

Demon is a masterful mix of mystery, horror, and suspense that pulls you in from the very beginning and doesn’t let go.

With every episode in the six stories series, nothing is as straightforward as it first seems. Each interview reveals some new shock or revelation that makes you wonder what will happen next.

As always, there’s a supernatural element to the story. This time its demons, witches and possible demonic possession. I love the way it’s so cleverly entwined into the story to make it seem so believable.

The town of Ussalthwaite was almost a character in itself. A former mining village, it’s plagued by folklore, strange happenings and tragedy. The question hovers over you as you read, is the place cursed or is it just people’s imaginations running away with them?

I felt this episode, for me anyway, felt a lot heavier emotionally than the previous books I’ve read. It reminded me of the James Bulger case back in the 1990s, which happened in the town I grew up in. I was only a kid, but I remember vividly the media frenzy at what had happened and how it happened. Demon also reminded me of the fear and, in many ways, shame that hovered over Bootle for years afterwards.

Demon is clever, captivating, and, at times downright chilling. Fingers crossed, we won’t have to wait too long for more!

About The Author:

Matt Wesolowski is an author from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the UK. He is an English tutor for young people in care.

‘Six Stories’ was published by Orenda Books in the spring of 2016 with follow-up ‘Hydra’ published in the winter of 2017, ‘Changeling’ in 2018, ‘Beast’ in 2019 and ‘Deity in 2020

‘Six Stories’ has been optioned by a major Hollywood studio; ‘Changeling’ was longlisted for the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year, 2019 Amazon Publishing Readers’ Award for Best Thriller and Best Independent Voice.

‘Beast’ won the Amazon Publishing Readers’ Award for Best Independent Voice in 2020

Gone To Her Grave (Madison Harper 4) by Wendy Dranfield @bookouture @WendyDranfield #BooksOnTour

Title: Gone To Her Grave by Wendy Dranfield

Publisher: Bookouture

Date Published: 13th April 2022

Genre: Police Procedural


Gone to Her Grave: A totally gripping and jaw-dropping crime thriller and mystery novel (Detective Madison Harper Book 4)

In the golden morning light, a beautiful young woman lies diagonally across the bed, dressed for a night out, her long lashes pressed against her cheeks as if she’s sleeping. But the crimson that creeps across the sheets tells the story of an innocent woman who has drawn her last breath…

Detective Madison Harper is pulled away from Thanksgiving preparations when a local care worker, Terri Summers, is found dead in her home on the outskirts of Lost Creek, Colorado. Terri’s inconsolable mother can’t understand who would hurt such a kind soul who had dedicated her life to helping others. But analysis of the blood spatter at the scene indicates Terri knew her attacker, that she looked them right in the eye before her life was taken.

The awkward way Terri’s body is positioned catches Madison’s attention. Carefully moving her, she finds a bracelet—possibly a child’s—with a single red bead clenched in the woman’s fist, as if she was hiding it. It’s the lead Madison so desperately needs, but the sudden death of one of her own team sends the investigation into a tailspin.

With her coworkers crumbling around her, Madison must work day and night to trace the bracelet and crack the case. But when she’s dragged back into the disappearance of a woman and child from years ago, and finds a link to someone in her own family, can Madison stop this twisted killer before another precious life is taken? And at what cost?

An absolutely addictive and twist-packed crime thriller guaranteed to get your heart racing and make your jaw drop! Perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot.

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I want to thank Bookouture for providing me with a copy of Gone To Her Grave in exchange for an honest review.

This is the fourth book in the series (I had to double check that. I can’t believe we’re on book four already!) and while it can be read as a standalone, I would highly recommend at least reading the previous book Little Girl Taken as a bit of the storyline ties into this one.

What can I say about Gone To Her Grave? It’s this; buckle yourself in, you’re in for an emotional rollercoaster of a ride!

It’s Thanksgiving for Madison and Nate, but there’s no rest for the pair. Madison is tasked with investigating the death of Terri Summers, a well-liked young woman with a distinct lack of suspects. Nate, on the other hand, is looking into the disappearance of Ruby and her grandson six years earlier at the request of her husband Vince, the number one suspect in their disappearances. Both are frustrated with their lack of leads, but neither will give up until they find out what happened. 

As usual with Wendy’s books, it’s fast-paced and there are plenty of twists and turns. This book also contained a good few shocks which I was not prepared for and may have caused me to tear up a bit.

I feel like Wendy Dranfield is teasing us at this point over the will they won’t they between Madison and Nate, but I can’t say I’m too mad at it.

There’s a figure from Madison’s past that pops up in this story, and I’m very interested in seeing what their role will be in the next book.

Gone To Her Grave is a fantastic addition to this series and I’m already looking forward to seeing what’s next for Madison and Nate.

About The Author:

Wendy is the bestselling author of the Detective Madison Harper crime series.

She is a former coroner’s assistant turned crime writer who writes a mixture of standalone thrillers, crime series and short stories. Some of her books have been shortlisted for various writing competitions and awards, including the Mslexia novel writing competition and the International Thriller Writer Awards.

You can find more information on her website:

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Instagram: @wendy_dranfield 

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