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Hello lovelies! Today I have an exclusive Q&A with author Rachel J Bonner and giveaway (see bottom of the post) but first a little about the book:

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Title: Thread of Hope (choices and consequences book 2) by Rachel J Bonner

Date Published: 2nd May 2019

Genre: Fantasy/Romance


What if your secrets are so dangerous they could destroy the one you love?

Is honesty always the best policy?

Leonie may have run away but Prospero will find her. He loves her and he wants a future with her by his side whatever the consequences. Only when he does find her, he ought to tell her who he really is, outside the monastery. That’ll make her run again. Dare he risk it? But if he doesn’t tell her, someone else may…

Marriage to Prospero is what Leonie wants most and the one thing she knows she can’t have. If he found out what she was really like, what she’d been, what she’d done, he’d despise her and she couldn’t bear that. Better to leave now than live a lie – but it’s harder than she expected. If only…

Gabriel is starting to discover the secrets inherent in Leonie, secrets that not even she knows, secrets that will tear the world apart. And the secrets he is keeping are tearing him apart. How can sacrificing those he loves possibly achieve peace when everything he discovers risks the death of millions?

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Amazon Kindle – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NBH7J2T

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Other ebook retailers – https://books2read.com/threadofhope

Q&A with Rachel J Bonner:

Can you tell me a little bit about your book?

The series is a romance, a fantasy set far in our future after the world has been decimated by a range of cataclysmic events, and some people have developed mental powers. In Strand of Faith, the first book in the series, a monk and a girl fall in love, but they both have compelling reasons to stay apart – and they make different decisions. In Thread of Hope they start to face up to the consequences of those decisions – without knowing that their actions and history will generate further world shattering consequences.

If my husband saw a book described as romance and fantasy he wouldn’t read it, but he’s really enjoyed it. He describes it as interesting characters with damaged lives finding a place in a loving and caring community.

Where did the inspiration for your book come from?

I dreamt a scene which is now towards the end of Strand of Faith. It made such an impact on me that I had to work out what led up to it, and what would come next. And then the characters took over and it turned from what I thought was one book into a series.

If you could describe your book in one sentence what would it be?

Ultimately it’s about people discovering their place in the world, lost and broken people finding love, healing, hope and redemption.

What is a typical writing day like for you?

There’s no such thing as a typical day! I work from home and juggle a range of jobs (see below!). I’ll normally aim to be at my desk working on something from about 9am to around 5pm, with a break for lunch. But that’s just an aim, and it’s very flexible; I might be out meeting a client, or something connected with voluntary work, or doing something domestic. And my husband and I try to take time out together each week, although we don’t always manage it.

If I am at my desk, I might be writing, or working on marketing and promotion. Or I could be working on one of my other contracts. Often the day will be a mixture of both, and I’ll try to make time for exercise as well. If I am writing, whether a first draft, rewrite or editing, I’ll get totally lost in it. Everything else will go by the board.

If you could recommend just one book to read what would it be and why?

The Bible (in a modern translation). Or is that cheating because it’s really 66 books? You can find almost every genre in there – romance, erotica, war, thriller, mystery, murder, suspense, psychological drama, family sagas…

Who are your favouriteauthors?

I have quite a list – some of my favourites include Neil Gaiman, Terry Prachett (Discworld), Jodi Picoult, Annette Marie (urban fantasy), Jodi Taylor (Chronicles of St Mary’s), Sarah Woodbury (After Cilmeri time travel fiction), Trisha Ashley (romance), Diane Gabaldon (Outlander), Anne McCaffery (Dragonrider series). But there are many, many more.

Is writing your only job? If not, what is your other job?

I have a whole range of ‘other jobs’ and it’s usually a juggling act between them all.

I’m a trustee at our local youth theatre, which is about reaching disabled, disadvantaged and minority group young people through theatre. I’m a financial adviser to a genealogical charity, and I’m very much involved at our local church, where I manage the sound system.

I’m also a freelance financial modeller and small business consultant and a qualified accountant. I run my own business, which means that some weeks I’m up to my eyebrows in work. I aim to work half time on average which is what gives me the flexibility both to write and to do voluntary work.

Tell me something interesting about yourself (that’s not in your author bio!)

I’ve got a master’s degree in civil engineering (that bit is in my bio), and during that course I studied for a year at Pennsylvania State University.We spent some time travelling in the local area, and I think the countryside and the Amish culture are definite influences on the Choices and Consequences series.

What are you currently working on?

Now Thread of Hope is out in the world, I’m working on the third book in the series, Weave of Love. That’s due for publication at the beginning of October, so it’s in the rewrite stage before going to my editor in a few weeks. Book 4, Cloth of Grace, which will be out next February, is in much the same place.

But I’ve also got a new book idea on the go fantasy romance again, but this time with angels – which is competing for my time, and a non-fiction book based on letters to my great grandfather…

Also as a special bonus the first in the series Strand of Faith will be on sale from the 2nd to 9th May.

Here’s a little about Strand of Faith:

A girl. A monk. An unthinkable sacrifice.

When the choice is between love and life, how can anyone decide?

In a post-apocalyptic future, a girl and a monk, both with extraordinary mental powers, have compelling reasons not to fall in love. But their choices will have consequences for the rest of the world.

After the troubles of his youth, Brother Prospero has found comfort and fulfilment in the monastery. Then he discovers something that forces him to reconsider his whole vocation. How can it possibly be right to leave a life of worship and service for human desire? And if he does leave, will the pressures from his past destroy him?

Orphaned and mistreated, Leonie has found sanctuary and safety at the Abbey. When she comes into contact with Prospero everything spirals out of her control. Everyone she’s ever loved has died. She can’t do that to him. But how can she walk away from the first place she’s truly belonged?

Abbot Gabriel is faced with an impossible choice. He can do nothing and watch the world descend into war. Or he can manipulate events and ensure peace – at the cost of two lives that he is responsible for. Is he strong enough to sacrifice those he loves?

Strand of Faith Purchase Links:

Strand of Faith Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07GKZT8LF/

Strand of Faith Google Play https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Rachel_J_Bonner_Strand_of_Faith?id=bQyBDwAAQBAJ

Strand of Faith Other retailers https://www.books2read.com/strandoffaith

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About The Author:

Rachel J Bonner is the author of the four book Choices and Consequences series, the first of which, Strand of Faith, is due out in November 2018.

Getting a degree in engineering, followed by a career in accountancy is probably not a conventional path to becoming an author, particularly in paranormal romance. Rachel says that, although accountancy isn’t anything like as boring as everyone thinks, writing is a lot more fun.

When not writing, she can be found walking in the beautiful countryside near where she lives, which has influenced much of the scenery in her books, or shooting things with her local archery club. Target shooting only, honest. Nothing to worry about.

She also enjoys swimming, eating chocolate chip cookies and growing aromatic herbs, especially thyme and rosemary. It’s no coincidence that her heroine likes the same things.

Website: http://www.racheljbonner.co.uk/

Blog: http://www.racheljbonner.co.uk/blogofweek.html

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/racheljbonner1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/racheljbonnerauthor

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