Happy Publication Day! The Devil Wore Black by Mark L. Fowler @MFowlerAuthor #PublicationDay

Hello lovelies! Today I’m wishing a happy publication day to Mark L. Fowler for his new book The Devil Wore Black, the third in Tyler and Mills series. I’ve not had a chance to read it yet but it sounds great!

Title: The Devil Wore Black by Mark L. Fowler

Date Published: 21st March 2020

Genre: Police Procedural


November 2003. When a priest is found crucified, following the desecration of local churches, hysterical media coverage focuses on terrorism and a satanic cult operating out in the wilds of North Staffordshire. Panic grips the city. 

DCI Tyler and DS Mills are under pressure as the toxic atmosphere deepens. One line of enquiry, involving historic allegations against the murdered priest, is close to home for Tyler and threatens to tip him over the edge. But Mills has a hunch that could lead the investigation in a different direction, until a serious complaint is made against him. 

The investigation appears to have stalled, when a second ritual murder is discovered. The pressure to find the killer mounts, and as winter closes in the detectives find themselves pushed to the limits. 

The Devil Wore Black is the third in the highly acclaimed Tyler and Mills series. It can also be read as a standalone crime novel.

You can buy your copy here:

https://www.amazon.co.uk/DEVIL-WORE-BLACK-Tyler-Mills/dp/B084WNSK46/  (paperback)



About The Author:

Mark is the author of the successful Tyler and Mills historic crime series. RED IS THEmark l fowler COLOUR, the first in the series, set in 2002, was shortlisted for the 2018 Arnold Bennett Book Prize. It is based on the discovery of a schoolboy missing since 1972. BLUE MURDER begins when a singer on the threshold of fame and fortune goes missing and an ex band member is found murdered. THE DEVIL WORE BLACK, the latest in the series, involves the discovery of a crucified priest. All three books can be read as standalone crime mysteries.

SILVER and SEXTET are psychological suspense novels. SILVER features journalist and writer Nick Slater, who becomes obsessed with a strange, unpublished manuscript that a famous author was working on when she was murdered. SEXTET is about sibling rivalry between twin sisters, and the weird game that they played as children.

Mark also writes fantasy fiction. COFFIN MAKER, a highly original gothic fantasy, finds Death being sent two very different apprentices. THE MAN UPSTAIRS features hard boiled detective Frank Miller, who discovers he is a fictional detective and that his author is plotting to kill him off and end the series, combining the author’s interest in crime and fantasy fiction in homage to classic noir.

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#BlogTour #Review Blue Murder by Mark L Fowler @MFowlerAuthor

Title: Blue Murder by Mark L Fowler

Date Published: 12th July 2018

Genre: Police Procedural


Fame. Fortune. Murder.

April 2003. Johnny and the Swamp Seeds are on the cusp of success when singer Johnny Richards goes missing. The body of a young man is found in the local canal.

But the dead man is not Johnny Richards.

DCI Jim Tyler leads the investigation into the brutal murder of Adam Lane, ex band member and friend of Richards since schooldays. Is the disappearance related? Is Richards alive or dead? Was he responsible for the death of his friend?

DS Danny Mills has concerns for DCI Tyler. The demons from Tyler’s past have caught up with him, threatening to tip him over the edge. Meanwhile, news of the singer’s disappearance has gone viral, sending the band to the top of the charts and turning a national spotlight on the case. Tyler is under immense pressure and Mills can see the cracks spreading.

Will Tyler and Mills find out what happened to Johnny Richards, and who killed Adam Lane – or is catastrophe looming for the stricken detective?


I want to thank Simon Leonard for inviting me on this tour and providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Adam Lane is found dead in the local canal on the same night Johnny Richards lead singer of Johnny and The Swamp Seeds goes missing. Adam used to be part of the band but left after an apparent falling out with his best friend Johnny. Has Johnny ran because he’s guilty or has something sinister happened to him? DCI Tyler and DS Mills are tasked to investigate and are thrown into the murky world of the music business.

So this is the second in the Tyler and Mills series but this is the first I’ve read myself and I can safely say it can be read as a stand alone.

There’s something quite tragic about this story. Adam, only twenty one, killed too young caught in the war between his girlfriend, his sister and his best friend all set with the backdrop of the dark side of the music industry.

DCI Tyler is still adjusting to life in Stoke On Trent after a hasty transfer from London. He’s a former alcoholic with some serious anger issues. This case brings up some feelings from his past, as one of the suspects was raised in care like he was.

My favourite character has to be DS Mills. He’s happily married with two kids and likes nothing more that a cup of tea and biscuits but it’s the way he cares for his partner and tries to support him to open up really made me appreciate him as a character.

I felt it was quite realistically done, although it does focus more on the gathering of evidence through interviews rather than the forensic side of it but I felt it went over the same things quite a lot which made it a little repetitive.

I would recommend this to people who like police procedurals focusing on the psychological aspect and motive.

Rating: 3/5

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About The Author:

Mark is the writer of the crime series featuring Tyler and Mills. The first book to feature the detectives, RED IS THE COLOUR, was shortlisted for the 2018 Arnold Bennett Book Prize. The second book, BLUE MURDER, can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

He is also the author of THE MAN UPSTAIRS, featuring hard-boiled detective Frank Miller, and SILVER, a psychological thriller. Mark’s first book, COFFIN MAKER, continues to defy any attempts to categorise it.