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Title: Glass Dolls by D.E. White

Publisher: Joffe Books

Date Published: 31st March 2020

Genre: Thriller



A teenage girl is found murdered, encased in glass.

Detective Dove Milson is called out to the chilling crime scene by the Devon coast. The murder is a replica of the work of serial killer Peter Hayworth, known as the Glass Doll murderer. He would be the prime suspect . . . but he’s already dead.


Now Dove leads the case. It’s her first job as part of the Major Crimes Team. She is recovering from a breakdown a few months earlier.

Then another Glass Doll is found in an isolated cove.


Dove finds her family is at the heart of this new case. The latest Glass Doll victims both worked at her sister Gaia’s strip club.
The club’s manager found the second Glass Doll. He claims to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Dove doesn’t believe in coincidences.


Will she become the next Glass Doll?

Time is running out for her niece. Dove must race to catch a killer before it’s too late. Then a new lead tears a hole in the case.

Discover a brand new thriller with a jaw-dropping twist you won’t see coming.

Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter, K.L. Slater, Robert Bryndza, Helen Fields and Angela Marsons.

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I want to thank Jill Burkinshaw at Books N All Promotions for inviting me on this tour and Joffe books for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

I’m always excited when I hear there’s a new D.E. White book coming out! This I believe is going to be the first in the Dove Milson series and I was eager to get stuck in, especially as it features a serial killer.

DC Dove Milson is still struggling after one of her cases in her former unit, where she dealt with police informants undercover, ended badly. She’s looking for a fresh start but when a girl turns up encased in glass, eerily similar to serial killer Peter Hayworth’s victims, she realises it’s not going to be that simple. You see Peter Hayworth killed her niece and she still feels like she could have done more. 

Glass Dolls is a complex and entertaining police procedural with plenty of twists and turns culminating in a nail biting ending.

I really liked Dove. How she copes throughout the story is beyond me, especially having to deal with both her sisters, one who is frail and the other who is, well, challenging to say the least! 

Yes, the killings were a little over the top but they really stand out as one of the most imaginative I’ve read for a while.

Glass Dolls is a solid start to this series and I’m eager to read more!

About The Author:

Daisy White started writing fifteen years ago, scribbling ideas at work on the night 1shift, firstly flying as cabin crew, and latterly working for the Ambulance Service.

Her 1960’s cosy mystery trilogy, The Ruby Baker Mysteries, was published in 2017 by Joffe Books, followed by psychological thrillers Remember Me and The Forgotten Child (HarperCollins) in 2019. 

Daisy’s new crime thriller GLASS DOLLS, (Joffe Books), is out at the end of March 2020, and is the first in the DC. Dove Milson series. 

Daisy is a multi- award-winning entrepreneur, and loves inspiring new writers to put pen to paper to start their own creative journey. She is represented by The Kate Nash Literary Agency.

Website; www.daisywhiteauthor.co.uk

Social Media:





For book enquiries; lina@katenashlit.co.uk 

For speaking engagements please contact; kaye@andromedatalent.com 

 To contact Daisy; daisy@daisywhiteauthor.co.uk 

Happy Publication Day! The Forgotten Child by D.E White @DEWhiteAuthor @HQStories #Review

Title: The Forgotten Child by D E White

Publisher: HQ

Date Published: 27th September 2019

Genre: Psychological Thriller


Lights blinded her in an eerie white flash. She yanked the wheel as she felt the impact from the car behind her. There was a sharp pain, and then a bang in front of her, and after that nothing but darkness.

Holly Kendal is trying to put her painful past and broken marriage behind her and focus on her beloved son, Milo. But while driving him home on a dark February night, Holly loses control on the rain-slicked tarmac, and her car spirals off the road.

When Holly regains consciousness, everything is silent and in the dark she can’t see Milo. Desperately, she claws her way out of the car and forces the back door open.

To her relief, Milo is where she left him, injured but breathing – but then she sees something that makes her heart stop.

Milo isn’t the only child in the car. Next to him is another little boy, unharmed but unconscious.

And Holly has absolutely no idea who he is.


I’ve read a number of D.E White’s (she’s also published under the name Daisy White) novels over the years so when I hear she has a new book out, it’s always a must read for me.

Holly Kendal is a single mum, trying her hardest to put her ex husband and troubled past behind her. She’s driving home with her son Milo when she skids off the road, crashing her car.

When she wakes up, she finds not only her son but another boy. Who is this child and where did he come from? Unable to rest until Holly knows who the boy is, she must look into her past and confront the secrets that lie there.

The Forgotten Child is a tense and intriguing thriller with a cast of fascinating characters.

Holly is a great character that you really can’t help rooting for. She’s worked hard to escape from her gangland past and built a new life for her and her son, working in call centre for the ambulance services, yet she still has an edge of toughness about her. Ugh and her ex husband, how she deals with him is beyond me!

The book was billed as a psychological thriller but it felt like it was edging more into a gangland thriller territory. This type of novel is not usually my cup of tea but D.E White’s writing draws me in every time!

I did feel that the boy who Holly finds in her car, the whole incident that starts the story, got a little forgotten in the overall story but of course that’s just my opinion.

The Forgotten Child is a gritty and intense read that’s packed with tension from that very first page.

About The Author:

D.E. White writes psychological thrillers for HQ Digital (HarperCollins). Her first two Daisy+White+author photopsychological thrillers, REMEMBER ME, and THE FORGOTTEN CHILD, were published this year. She also writes cosy crime as Daisy White, including THE RUBY BAKER MYSTERIES for Joffe Books.

She lives near the Sussex coast, and has two children, both of whom are bookworms, so it must run in the family!

Daisy would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read and review her books, as she learns something new from each critique.

website; http://www.daisywhiteauthor.co.uk

email; daisy@daisywhiteauthor.co.uk

Twitter; @DEWhiteAuthor

Facebook; Daisy White Author

Happy Publication Day! Remember Me by D.E White @DEWhiteAuthor @HQDigitalUK

Happy Publication Day to D.E White!!

Title: Remember Me by D.E White

Publisher: HQ Digital

Date Published: 6th February 2019

Genre: Psychological Thriller


Fifteen years ago Ellen Smith vanished from the woods near her small Welsh village. Never to be seen again.

Eight people were in the woods that night: eight splintered lives, eight people hiding a terrible secret. But who can remember the truth?

Now, Ellen’s best friend, Detective Ava Cole is all grown up back in the village where it all began, and everyone is asking the same question.

What really happened to Ellen?

Filled with shocking discoveries and traumatic memories this fast paced thriller is perfect for fans of Friend Request and Close to Home.


So I’m already a huge fan of this author’s Ruby Baker series, which is written under the name Daisy White, so I jumped at the chance to read Remember Me.

Of late, I’ve been falling out of love with the whole psychological thriller thing but then Remember Me came along to remind me why I love this genre!

I really warmed to Ava, she’s strong, independent but she’s not perfect, making mistakes that she deeply regrets. As a teenager, suffering from post natal depression and stuck in a doomed relationship she abandons her young son to go back to America. She rises through the ranks of the police becoming a detective. Only when her ex husband Paul is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he asks her to return to Wales. She sees this as a chance to reconnect with her son but it brings bad memories of her missing friend Ellen and a trauma she’d rather forget.

Things get much worse when she arrives in Wales, with someone is waging a campaign of intimidation against Ava. Who is out to get her?

This is a lot grittier than I’m used to from this author with a lot darker themes, like toxic relationships, abuse and depression but I absolutely loved it!

I also liked the addition of the threatening and cryptic messages written in Welsh, then translated into English, I don’t know why but I felt it added to that air of menace about them.

I will say it is a little slow burn at the beginning. Also I did have an inkling early on who the baddie of the book might be but with all the secrets and lies, it ended up being a whole lot more complicated than just a simple ‘this person is evil and that’s why the do what they do’.

Overall Remember Me is a dark, gritty, well written psychological thriller with intriguing characters and a gripping story line.

About The Author:

D E White started writing fifteen years ago, scribbling ideas on napkins at work on the night shift. After various jobs, including working as cabin crew, in a hospital, a supermarket, and as aDaisy+White+author photo 999 call handler for the ambulance service, she began writing full time in 2018.

She is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, and was part of a small business delegation speaking at Number 10, Downing Street in 2015.

Having spent a lot of time travelling the world, she now lives with her husband and two sons on the south coast of the UK, with a growing assortment of animals and several stick insects.

Remember Me is her debut psychological thriller.

Visit D E White at daisywhiteauthor.co.uk