Happy Publication Day! #Review Sleep by C.L. Taylor @AvonBooksUK @callytaylor

Title: Sleep by CL Taylor

Date Published: 4th April 2019

Publisher: Avon Books

Genre: Psychological Thriller


All Anna wants is to be able to sleep. But crushing insomnia, terrifying night terrors and memories of that terrible night are making it impossible. If only she didn’t feel so guilty…

To escape her past, Anna takes a job at a hotel on the remote Scottish island of Rum, but when seven guests join her, what started as a retreat from the world turns into a deadly nightmare.

Each of the guests have a secret, but one of them is lying – about who they are and why they’re on the island. There’s a murderer staying in the Bay View hotel. And they’ve set their sights on Anna.

Seven strangers. Seven secrets. One deadly lie.

Someone’s going to sleep and never wake up…

The million-copy bestseller is back in her darkest, twistiest book to date. Read it if you dare!


I received a copy of this from Avon Books via NetGalley.

Anna is running away from her past and the tragic accident that killed two of her colleagues and severely injured another. She thinks that taking a job on the remote island of Rum will help her come to terms with her guilt but some has followed her intent on harming her.

Now she’s trapped in a hotel with seven strangers as a terrible storm blows in with no way of escape. Can she survive?

I absolutely devoured this novel! CL Taylor is becoming one of those authors that I can pick up one of her books and know I’m going to enjoy it from beginning to end.

I love the way CL Taylor takes an ordinary person, some you could see in the street and puts them in extraordinary situations, pushing them to their limit. I really felt for Anna dealing with all the guilt, with an unsupportive boyfriend and a lot of people who blame her for the accident.

The island of Rum made for a really atmospheric and almost claustrophobic setting coupled with Anna’s paranoia made it such a tense and gripping read.

I don’t want to say too much more about the storyline, because I don’t want to give away spoilers, but boy was this a real tension packed read with an ending I didn’t see coming at all!

My only issue was the fact that the character happens to find a job on a remote island, by chance and in her first week a bad storm happens to roll in…a bit of coincidence but I think the author manages to get away with it.

Overall Sleep is fast paced and thrilling read that you just won’t want to put down.

About The Author:

C.L. Taylor is the Sunday Times bestselling author of six gripping psychological thrillers. They are not a series and can be read in any order:

2014 – THE ACCIDENTcally-taylor-109-800x533
2015 – THE LIE
2018 – THE FEAR
2019 – SLEEP

She has also written a Young Adult thriller, THE TREATMENT, which was published by HarperCollins HQ and is currently writing her second, which will be published in June 2020.

C.L. Taylor’s books have sold in excess of a million copies, been number one on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, iBooks and Google Play and have been translated into over 25 languages and optioned for TV. THE ESCAPE won the Dead Good Books ‘Hidden Depths’ award for the Most Unreliable Narrator. THE FEAR was shortlisted in the Hearst Big Book Awards in the ‘Pageturner’ category.

Cally Taylor was born in Worcester and spent her early years living in various army camps in the UK and Germany. She studied Psychology at the University of Northumbria and went on forge a career in instructional design and e-Learning before leaving to write full time in 2014. She lives in Bristol with her partner and young son.

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#BlogTour #Excerpt Deliver Us From Evil by Conrad Jones @ConradJones @Bloodhoundbook

Hello lovelies, today I’m bring you an excerpt from Conrad Jones’ latest novel, Deliver us from evil but first a little about the book:

Title: Deliver Us From Evil by Conrad Jones

Date Published: 26th March 2019

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Genre: Police Procedural


Detective Braddick is summoned to a horrendous crime scene, where it appears a double murder has taken place. The victims’ bodies are missing and the police have no clue as to their identities or who killed them.

As the investigation snowballs, the potential body count rises and the Major Investigation Team have little to go on until DNA evidence is examined.

There appears to be no motive for the dreadful murders until an ancient script is found daubed on the walls of a nearby property. As the clues are unravelled, Braddick and his team realise they are dealing with something they have never experienced before. Because this time they’re tracking evil itself…

Excerpt from Deliver Us From Evil:


The whirring sound of a power saw woke him from his sleep. He couldn’t tell where it was coming from – above or below. The flats were well soundproofed, but the high-pitched sound of the saw travelled through the structure, grating on his nerves. He checked his watch: it was three o’clock in the morning. What type of idiot would use a power tool at that time? One without a job, that’s who. A lot of the flats were occupied by wasters now. It hadn’t been like that when he’d moved in. The landlords had since dropped their standards and allowed the unemployed to rent apartments next to hard-working residents. Some of the newer families were African and Eastern European, and they all seemed to work hard. It was like the United Nations in the lifts but they all had jobs. The jobless were the problem. He didn’t think of himself as a snob, but the unemployed had lowered the standards in the tower block; it was noisier, dirtier and more dangerous. No one had used power tools in the middle of the night until the landlords allowed the unemployed to move in. The sound pierced the night again, louder this time. He tried to pinpoint where it was coming from. Below him, someone shouted angrily in a foreign language. A baby started crying, followed by more shouting. The saw whirred again, provoking more angry protests from below. He swore beneath his breath and threw the quilt off. He couldn’t sleep through that nonsense. Enough was enough.

Paul Skelton was angry. He was angry most of the time. Life was one monotonous pile of bullshit. Stupid people made him mad, and most of the people he met were very stupid. People who used power tools at night were incredibly stupid. He switched on the light and swung his legs out of bed. The saw had stopped, momentarily. He paused and listened; the baby downstairs had settled down and the angry voices were muffled and less frequent. He thought about climbing back into bed when a sudden thud on the ceiling made him jump; it was followed by the sound of something heavy being dragged across the floor. It wasn’t directly above his bedroom, but it was close. His heart quickened and he held his breath. Another thump rattled him.

You’re taking the piss, stupid idiot,’ Paul muttered. ‘That’s enough.’

He struggled into his tracksuit pants and pulled a vest over his head. The dragging sound began again. Then another thump. He stuffed his feet into his trainers and padded over to the door, muttering to himself about what he was going to do with that saw and where he was going to shove it. Then the lights went out.

I don’t believe this,’ he said, searching for the door handle.

His hands touched the cold metal and he opened the door, feeling his way through the darkness while his eyes adjusted. A yellow glow filtered through the blinds from the streetlights below. The power cut was localised to the tower block – it happened in the building quite a lot. Too often. The last time it had happened, it was off for over an hour. He reached the kitchen and fumbled his way to the bits-and-pieces drawer. There was a torch in there, somewhere amongst the adapters and old phone chargers. The baby started crying again, joined quickly by another. A man and woman started arguing on the floor below in a language he didn’t recognise. Getting to sleep tonight was going to be difficult. He found the torch and switched it on. The beam cut through the night and he aimed it at the ceiling. A circle of light shimmered. The knife block caught his eye and he thought about taking one, just in case, but dismissed the idea just as quick. A blade glinted in the light, its edge cold and sharp. Taking a blade to a noisy neighbour was a touch over the top. He would ask them politely to be quiet. If that didn’t work, he would give them a slap. Nothing too heavy, just a jab on the nose. Make their eyes water and they would think twice about building an extension in the middle of the night. Another heavy thump from above steeled him on. The idiots were not giving up on whatever project they had started.

Paul walked to his front door and unlocked it. He opened it and the cold night air rushed in, touching his exposed flesh with icy fingers. Goose bumps appeared on his arms and he felt a sense of dread growing inside him. He looked across the landing at the city below. The lights twinkled like yellow jewels on a sea of black ink. A gust of wind whistled along the landing, blowing a polystyrene cup towards the stone stairwell. It tumbled over and over before disappearing into the dark. He listened as it clattered down the steps. A deep chill made him shiver, his mind searching for excuses not to step out of the warmth into the darkness.

It occurred to him that the power cut would silence the saw. He thought about not going upstairs, about going back to bed and trying to sleep despite the noise. The saw whirred again and the hairs on his neck bristled. Obviously they had a battery-powered tool. That was it. The final straw. He shone his torch towards the stairs and tried to close the door quietly behind him but the wind caught it, slamming it loudly. The noise echoed through the building and he froze to the spot, waiting for a torrent of abuse to be shouted from the neighbours below. None came. He took a deep breath and moved down the landing.

The stairwell was pitch black and looked like the entrance to the underworld. He shone the torch up the stairs and the beam of light illuminated the concrete steps. Black blobs of chewing gum stained them and there were dark patches in the corners. The reek of urine drifted to him. He whispered a curse that was carried away on the wind. The entire block was turning into a giant toilet. He was going to make a complaint to the estate managers directly. There were so many landlords in the building that nothing got done unless they were bypassed. Another gust of wind urged him up the first tier of steps; the cold made the task more pressing. He turned on the landing and took the steps two at a time. The wind was stronger as he climbed, funnelled along the balcony by the angle of the roof. The stench grew stronger and it was darker on the top floor – the power of the streetlights became diluted as he climbed.

He moved quickly from the stairwell along the landing using the torch to light the way. The windows in the first flat were boarded up. Scorch marks reached from the top of the lintels to the roof. The flat had caught fire in suspicious circumstances months ago. Paul heard the wind whistling through the handrails. It was then that he caught the smell of cooking: garlic, onions, pork. He glanced at his watch again. Three fifteen. What was wrong with these people?

Paul marched past two more empty properties and stopped outside the door of number ninety. The curtains were clean and tidy and drawn. Everything was quiet. He wasn’t sure where the noise had been coming from but he knew it was above his flat somewhere. That meant it was either ninety or ninety-one. He walked to the flat next door and looked in through the window. The kitchen inside was stripped, only the sink remained. Electric wires hung from empty sockets and a pile of copper pipes were leaning in the corner. Tins of contract paint were stacked near the door. Paul could see it was being renovated and ruled it out as the source of the noise. The flats beyond were all boarded up. That meant that the occupants of number ninety were the culprits. He walked back and listened outside the door. Someone was gently humming. He recognised the tune but the name of it eluded him. The sound of the saw whirring made him jump.

Shit!’ he hissed. He knocked on the door and waited. Nothing happened. He knocked again, louder this time. Nothing. ‘Don’t pretend you’re not in,’ he muttered as he knocked again. There was no response.

Paul moved from the door and looked in through the windows. He aimed his torch through the cracks in the curtains, but he couldn’t see anything – the light was reflecting on the glass. He went back to the front door and opened the letter box. The odours of cooking drifted to him, making his mouth water. His hunger added insult to injury. He pointed the torch through the narrow gap and searched the hallway. There was no sign of life. He noticed some dark spots on the door near the kitchen that looked like fingerprints.

Hello!’ he shouted through the letter box. A clatter from the kitchen echoed up the hallway. Then it was still again. ‘Hello?’ he shouted again. He heard footsteps but it was impossible to make out where they were coming from. ‘I’ve come to ask you to keep the noise down,’ he shouted. ‘Using power tools at this time of night is ridiculous, mate!’ Paul looked through the letter box again. The beam of light scanned the walls but nothing moved. ‘I know you can hear me,’ he shouted. Another clatter came from the back of the flat. ‘You can talk to me, mate, or you can talk to the police. Make your mind up.’

There was no reply. Paul went back to window and tried to penetrate the blackness inside with the torch. It was impossible. The glare on the glass was blinding. He heard the front door open and he turned around.

About time,’ Paul said, angrily. The man stepped out and looked around. ‘You’ve woke up the whole building, mate. What do you think you’re playing at, using tools at this time of night?’

The man looked at him blankly. His eyes looked as black as the night. Paul felt uneasy. The man smiled and Paul saw dark smudges on his teeth. He was about to take a step backwards when, too late, a flash of dull metal registered. The hammer hit him upside the temple. He felt his knees buckle as the man swung again.  A strong arm came from behind him, choking him. He felt himself being dragged inside the flat but he couldn’t shout for help. There were two attackers. One of his shoes became snagged on the sill and he kicked out to free it. The front door slammed closed and Paul knew he was in dire trouble. He struggled desperately to release the grip on his throat but his attacker was too strong. The first man raised the hammer again and brought it down on the top of Paul’s skull; there was a blinding flash. White-hot bolts of pain shot through his brain. This time, the lights went out completely.

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About The Author:

Conrad Jones is a 50-year-old Author, originally from a sleepy green-belt called Tarbock Green, which is situated on the outskirts of Liverpool. He spent a number of years living in Holyhead, camperbookAnglesey, which he classes as his home. He worked in management at McDonalds Restaurants Ltd from 1989-2002, working his way up to Business Consultant (area manager) working in the corporate and franchised departments.

On March 20th 1993 he was managing the Restaurant in Warrington`s Bridge St when two Irish Republican Army bombs exploded directly outside the store, resulting in the death of two young boys and many casualties. Along with hundreds of other people there that day he was deeply affected by the attack, which led to a long-term interest in the motivation and mind set of criminal gangs. He began to read anything crime related that he could get his hands on and links this experience with the desire to write books on the subject.

He signed a three book deal with London based publishers, Thames River Press. The Alec Ramsey series is now 7 books long with an average of 4.8 stars from over 2000 reviews. Conrad has also written The Soft Target series, which has received critical acclaim.

Happy Publication Day! Remember Me by D.E White @DEWhiteAuthor @HQDigitalUK

Happy Publication Day to D.E White!!

Title: Remember Me by D.E White

Publisher: HQ Digital

Date Published: 6th February 2019

Genre: Psychological Thriller


Fifteen years ago Ellen Smith vanished from the woods near her small Welsh village. Never to be seen again.

Eight people were in the woods that night: eight splintered lives, eight people hiding a terrible secret. But who can remember the truth?

Now, Ellen’s best friend, Detective Ava Cole is all grown up back in the village where it all began, and everyone is asking the same question.

What really happened to Ellen?

Filled with shocking discoveries and traumatic memories this fast paced thriller is perfect for fans of Friend Request and Close to Home.


So I’m already a huge fan of this author’s Ruby Baker series, which is written under the name Daisy White, so I jumped at the chance to read Remember Me.

Of late, I’ve been falling out of love with the whole psychological thriller thing but then Remember Me came along to remind me why I love this genre!

I really warmed to Ava, she’s strong, independent but she’s not perfect, making mistakes that she deeply regrets. As a teenager, suffering from post natal depression and stuck in a doomed relationship she abandons her young son to go back to America. She rises through the ranks of the police becoming a detective. Only when her ex husband Paul is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he asks her to return to Wales. She sees this as a chance to reconnect with her son but it brings bad memories of her missing friend Ellen and a trauma she’d rather forget.

Things get much worse when she arrives in Wales, with someone is waging a campaign of intimidation against Ava. Who is out to get her?

This is a lot grittier than I’m used to from this author with a lot darker themes, like toxic relationships, abuse and depression but I absolutely loved it!

I also liked the addition of the threatening and cryptic messages written in Welsh, then translated into English, I don’t know why but I felt it added to that air of menace about them.

I will say it is a little slow burn at the beginning. Also I did have an inkling early on who the baddie of the book might be but with all the secrets and lies, it ended up being a whole lot more complicated than just a simple ‘this person is evil and that’s why the do what they do’.

Overall Remember Me is a dark, gritty, well written psychological thriller with intriguing characters and a gripping story line.

About The Author:

D E White started writing fifteen years ago, scribbling ideas on napkins at work on the night shift. After various jobs, including working as cabin crew, in a hospital, a supermarket, and as aDaisy+White+author photo 999 call handler for the ambulance service, she began writing full time in 2018.

She is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, and was part of a small business delegation speaking at Number 10, Downing Street in 2015.

Having spent a lot of time travelling the world, she now lives with her husband and two sons on the south coast of the UK, with a growing assortment of animals and several stick insects.

Remember Me is her debut psychological thriller.

Visit D E White at daisywhiteauthor.co.uk


Happy Publication Day! She Saw What He Did by Lynda Renham @lyndarenham #Review #NewRelease

Happy Publication day to Lynda Renham and her new mystery/thriller She Saw What She Did! A huge thank you to the author herself who provided me with a copy of the book x

Title: She Saw What He Did by Lynda Renham

Date Published: 1st February 2019

Publisher: Raucous Publishing

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Abby Miller thought she had the perfect family; a good looking, loving husband and a beautiful daughter. Her life was complete. The shock discovery that her husband, Jared had been having an affair rocked her world. So when Jared suggested a short break to the Cannard Islands, to heal their fractured marriage, Abby agreed. An idyllic holiday turns into a nightmare when Abby witnesses something terrible. Suddenly her life and the life of her daughter are in serious danger and no one seems able to help them.

You Can Buy Your Copy Here:

US: www.amazon.com/dp/B07MJM61Q6

UK: www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MJM61Q6

Kindle price: 99p / 99c


So this is my Lynda Renham novel and it certainly won’t be my last!

Abby and Jared Miller go on holiday in a last ditch attempt to fix their marriage, after Jared’s affair. The end up stranded on an uninhabited island after Abby witnesses a murder.

After they are rescued the police don’t believe their story but Abby can’t shake the feeling that she and her family are in danger…

There is so much packed into this intriguing novel, smuggling, kidnap, assassination attempts, blackmail and of course murder.

The book is told from several perspectives, Abby who is desperately trying to fix her marriage, Ellen a police officer on an island where nothing much seems to happen and the mysterious Sparrow, a smuggler who’s gotten in too deep with some shady people.

My favourite character was Ellen. She’s bored and desperately wants to do some proper police work but a failed transfer to the mainland means she’s stuck on the island. She’s the only person who believes Abby’s story and much to the chagrin of the other officers on the island, sets out to investigate.

I have to be honest, while there were plenty of twists and turns within the story, I did find it a little predictable in places, but of course that’s just my opinion.

I’d recommend She Saw What He Did to anyone who love character driven stories with strong female leads and a good dose of thrilling action.

About The Author:

Lynda Renham is author to many popular romantic comedy and gripping psychological thrillerlynda2 novels. She lives in Oxford, UK. She has appeared on BBC radio discussion programs and is a prolific blogger, Twitter and when not writing can usually be found wasting her time on Facebook. Lynda lives in Oxfordshire with her second husband and two cats. Her web page: www.renham.co.uk and Twitter: @lyndarenham

Social media links: www.renham.co.uk  

Twitter: @lyndarenham

#BlogBlitz Happy Publication Day Black Matter by GD Parker @GDParker_Author @rararesources #Promo #BookSpotlight

Happy Publication day GD Parker🎉🎉🎉 Today I’ll be shining a spotlight on his debut novel Black Matter:

bm front cover ebook

Title: Black Matter by GD Parker

Date Published: 28th January 2019

Genre: Thriller


The future is now… it’s terrifying!!! Humanity locks jaws with the ever-increasing human desires towards highly advanced technological innovations making the world a dangerous place. Unanticipated horrific consequences unfold for Tommy McGregor when he partakes in a new high-tech innovation to enhance his health and wellbeing. He thought it would make him healthier, better looking and live forever…DI Valentina is out of her comfort zone when she’s tasked to track down a killer, unknown to her, hidden behind a digital mask. The future has already fallen upon humanity as she soon discovers, nothing is as it seems anymore as society embarks in technology that’s already here. A terrifying mystery, it feeds your imaginative mind’s eye – a fast-paced “whoisit” thrilling crime, novel that will leave you guessing until the end, (or will it?) As it leaves the hairs on your arms stand on end as you uncontrollably turn each page in this 3 part series.

You Can Buy Your Copy Here:

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Black-Matter-order-must-read-thriller-ebook/dp/B07KJNDX1P

US – https://www.amazon.com/Black-Matter-order-must-read-thriller-ebook/dp/B07KJNDX1P

About The Author –

GD Parker is the author of his debut novel, Black Matter. Book one of a three-part series that explores the depths of the unfolding high-tech world we now live in, making it a dangerousimg_zbygh6 place.

The novel will be available to purchase in e-book and paperback formats on the Amazon store.

Gareth was born in the UK in 1981. A family man spent much of his working life in South Wales working in a professional capacity. One day he made the decision write about an idea he dreamt about.

Still working full time for a large organisation, he enjoys reading all manner of books, and spending time with his world – his family.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GDParker_Author and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gd.parker_author/

#PublicationDay #Review Fatal Promise by Angela Marsons @Bookouture @WriteAngie

Happy Publication Day Angela Marsons!!! (coincidentally, it’s also my son’s birthday, so two big events in one day for me lol). I’m very excited to share my review today but first a little about the book: 

Title: Fatal Promise by Angela Marsons

Publisher: Bookouture

Date Published: 19th October 2018

Genre: Police Procedural


Eeeny meeny, miney, moe. Who lives, who dies only I know.

When the body of a doctor is discovered brutally murdered in local woodland, Detective Kim Stone is shocked to discover the victim is Gordon Cordell – a man linked to a previous case she worked on involving the death of a young school girl. Gordon has a chequered past, but who would want him dead?

As the investigation gets underway, Gordon’s son is involved in a horrific car crash which leaves him fighting for his life. Kim’s sure this was no accident.

Then the body of a woman is found dead in suspicious circumstances and Kim makes a disturbing link between the victims and Russells Hall Hospital. The same hospital where Gordon worked.

With Kim and her team still grieving the loss of one of their own, they’re at their weakest and facing one of the most dangerous serial killers they’ve ever encountered. Everything is on the line. Can Kim keep her squad together and find the killer before he claims his next victim?

The killer is picking off his victims at a terrifying pace, and he’s not finished yet.

From multi-million copy number one bestseller Angela Marsons comes another absolutely nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat crime thriller.


DI Kim Stone is struggling. She’s still recovering from a broken leg and reeling from the death of one of her team and is forced to take on a new detective. When she is called to a crime scene, she realises that it’s Gordon Cordell, a surgeon who was involved in a previous case. A few days later his son is involved in a serious car accident, is it just a coincidence?

Another body turns up that links to Gorden Cordell and Russells Hall Hospital. Can Kim and her team figure it out before the killer strikes again?

The Kim Stone series is one I’ve been dipping in and out of for a couple of years after discovering Silent Scream (the first in the series) in a charity shop. I have to be honest I haven’t read these books in order myself but I would maybe recommend reading at least the previous book, Dying Truth just because a bit of the story line carries over.

Now I’ve never said this about a book before but I think I got a stitch reading it! What caused a stitch I hear you ask! Well, it could have been the fast pace, immersive story line and heart pounding ending or it could have been I was sitting funny but who knows?

There’s two cases running through the novel. The first is the serial killer bent on revenge but the second is Stacey’s case of a missing girl, from when she was temporarily assigned to another department, which refuses to let her go. The two storylines rub nicely along together but don’t overshadow one another and often creates a good bit of tension throughout.

I enjoyed the edition of Penn, (he’s has popped up in previous books) but gets a rough ride having to try and fit into the team when they are all still grieving. Also there’s a nice bit of mystery there too. Why did he transfer especially when he was doing well with his old team?

I love the relationship between Bryant and Kim but it goes through a bit of rough patch in this book. It’s not the typical will they/won’t they get together, but there is love and respect there. She’s obviously not herself but is refusing to open up which in turn frustrates Bryant, will their relationship recover?

Overall Fatal Promise is an addictive and immersive story with a heart pounding ending, that is a fantastic addition to this series.

About The Author:

Angela Marsons is the author of the International Bestselling DI Kim Stone series and her books have sold more than 2 million in 2 years.angela marsons

She lives in the Black Country with her partner, their cheeky Golden Retriever and a swearing parrot.

She first discovered her love of writing at Junior School when actual lessons came second to watching other people and quietly making up her own stories about them. Her report card invariably read “Angela would do well if she minded her own business as well as she minds other people’s”.

After years of writing relationship based stories (The Forgotten Woman and Dear Mother) Angela turned to Crime, fictionally speaking of course, and developed a character that refused to go away.

She is signed to Bookouture for a total of 16 books in the Kim Stone series and her books have been translated into more than 27 languages.

Her last three books – Blood Lines, Dead Souls and Broken Bones – reached the #1 spot on Amazon on pre-orders alone.

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