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Title: Quarter To Midnight by Karen Rose

Date Published: 4th August 2022

Publisher: Headline

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Quarter to Midnight is the first thrilling novel in a brand new series by Sunday Times bestselling author Karen Rose, set in New Orleans. 

Rocky Hebert walks into his death at quarter to midnight one New Orleans night. His son Gabe cannot accept the official verdict of suicide and enlists the help of the Burke Broussard Private Investigation Agency to discover the real cause of death. 

PI Molly Sutton knows what it’s like to lose a father in tragic circumstances and will go to any lengths to crack the investigation, as she tries to fight off her growing feelings for Gabe. They soon realise Rocky was working on an investigation of his own; one that threatened to expose the deep corruption going all the way to the top of the police department. And that the key to the puzzle lies with a young witness to a murder that happened years earlier: Xavier Morrow. 

Just what did Rocky know? And who might have shut him up? 

As they get closer and closer to the truth, they realise that the killer is not going to stop at Rocky. And that Xavier is in very real danger. Someone will go to any lengths to protect what he witnessed that night coming out…


I was provided with a copy of Quarter to midnight by the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

t’s been a while since I’ve picked up a Karen Rose book, so when I saw this, I thought as it’s the first in a series set in New Orleans, it would be the perfect place to pick up from.

Rocky Herbet’s son Gabe can’t accept the fact his dad committed suicide, so he goes to his old partner, turned PI Burke Broussard, to investigate. Burke, feeling too close to the investigation, hands it over his employee Molly. Sparks file between the pair, but they must put that aside to solve the case. 

It becomes obvious that Rocky had been doing his own investigating, which leads them to young med student Xavier Morrow, who witnessed a murder when he was a child. The bodies start dropping and it’s clear that Molly and Gabe need to solve the case and keep Xavier safe.

Quarter to midnight is a romantic suspense, with no shortage of murders to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Molly and Gabe are likeable characters who I rooted for throughout. Molly is a former marine, on the surface, is unruffled, calm and organised, but underneath she’s carrying pain from her and her family’s past. Gabe is a minor celebrity chef, who, like many in his profession, is a bit of a hothead,  but his caring nature shines through. 

We know quite early on who the bad guy is, but there’s still a bit of mystery in regards to his full identity.

The book is 600 pages long, which is around the usual amount for Karen Rose’s books, but the snappy pace always makes them feel much shorter, although I felt this one was a bit more slow burn than usual.

There’s also a wealth of side characters with the potential to be the lead in future books which I’m looking forward to.

If you’re looking for a book full of murder, mayhem and some steamy romance, then I’d highly recommend this book to you!

About The Author: 

Karen Rose was introduced to suspense and horror at the tender age of eight when she accidentally read Poe’s The Pit and The Pendulum and was afraid to go to sleep for years. She now enjoys writing books that make other people afraid to go to sleep. 

Karen lives in Florida with her family, their cat, Bella, and two dogs, Loki and Freya. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, and her new hobby – knitting. 

Author: Ljwrites85

Aspiring author. Mother. General procrastinator. Book Nerd.

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