#CoverReveal The Good Husband by Abigail Osbourne @Abigail_Author @Bloodhoundbook @lovebookstours

Hello lovelies! Today I’m taking part in the cover reveal, organised by Love Books Tours, for The Good Husband by Abigail Osbourne, which will be published by Bloodhound books on the 27th July. Here’s the synopsis:

A zealot sends his grief-stricken son on a murderous mission, in this heart-pounding novel.

A chaotic stampede of Black Friday shoppers leads to Elsie’s tragic death—and leaves Jack, her husband of thirty-seven years, devastated. Unable to cope with his grief, he flees to his childhood home to be with his father, an overbearing religious zealot who puts his faith before everything—even his son.

Jack’s father convinces him that Elsie had not died in vain. Her life was sacrificed to give Jack the strength he needs for his mission: to rid the world of greed. Embittered by his loss, Jack soon sets out to punish the depraved and eradicate the sinners from the world. The greedy killed his wife, and now they must pay. But how far is Jack willing to go to fulfil God’s plan—and how many innocent people will die?

Sounds great, right? You can pre-order your copy here:


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