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Hello lovelies! Today I have an exclusive excerpt from Primed For Vengeance by Gill D. Anderson as part of the Love Books Tours blog tour. First, a little about the book:

Title: Primed for Vengeance by Gill D Anderson

Date Published: 2nd August 2021 

Genre: Thriller/suspense/dark drama 


Butch is a young man who plans to seek revenge towards those responsible for his suffering and he intends to punish them in the worst possible way.

Butch harbours intense feelings of anger and self-loathing and blames his upbringing for this. Butch is ready to attack and is primed for vengeance. Will he ever find a way to reconcile his past to make peace with the present?

Sarah is a bright young woman whose sole mission in life is to spread kindness and help others.

Sarah puts her heart and soul into her role in managing young people living in state care. Her intentions are good, but out of the blue, her life starts to unravel in the most horrific way. Sarah finds herself in the middle of a terrible dilemma whereby the choices she makes have a much bigger impact on those she cares about than she could ever have imagined.

Jock is a youth worker who brings the light into the darkest days of the young people he works with. He is a happy go lucky guy who finds himself in an unexpected precarious position. Jock steps up to tackle the most challenging situation he has ever faced and does not waver. But will he succeed in his attempt to talk a troubled youth out of committing yet another heinous crime?

Detective Dylan Mathews is highly disturbed by the poems being received by a young woman named Kate Jones. As they become increasingly sinister in nature, he and his team work around the clock to catch the writer whom police have nicknamed ‘The Riddler’. Dylan reports to Senior Sergeant Robert Gardner who is impossible to please. The personality clash between the two men only hinders the progress of the investigation.

What is behind Gardner’s hatred of Dylan? Will the police be able to catch ‘The Riddler’ before it’s too late?


Butch never used his real name anymore. Nothing was left of him that was remotely like his younger self. Any hope he’d once had was well and truly gone. The ability to give or receive love was never going to become a reality and the likelihood of developing a moral compass or a sense of right or wrong was laughable. To hell with having a conscience! Butch was on a mission. There would be blood, there would be tears and ultimately there would be death. The anticipation of his victim’s blood on his hands excited him like nothing else. No other thought made him feel that way, which was unfortunately why there was no choice but to undertake tonight’s gruesome task.

His not-so-lucky victim, whom he’d nicknamed ‘the heartbreaker’, was a regular passenger on the tram. Often she would be sitting close to him without even realising it. The heartbreaker’s pretty little face was either buried in her mobile phone like most of the commuters or she would be chatting away to the other regular passengers. Butch knew which stop she would disembark at, given he’d been following her journey to and from work for a while now. The fact that she caught the tram was a blessing because no one thought twice about seeing the same people on the daily commute. Therefore, it would not rouse her suspicion if she were to notice him. As he’d unpacked that thought a little more, a red mist came down over his eyes and he clenched his fists tightly. The realisation that she had not in fact noticed his recent presence on the tram suddenly felt like a knife through his heart. 

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About The Author:

Gill was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and immigrated to Adelaide, South Australia in 2004 with her husband and two daughters. Gill studied at Flinders University in South Australia and has a double degree in Social Work and Social Planning. Gill has almost two decades of experience in the field of Child Protection in South Australia working with families in crisis and vulnerable children.  Gill began writing stories and poems from a young age and finally took the plunge to write her first novel Hidden from View in 2019. As a Glenelg local, Gill was widely supported by the community and other businesses and this gave her the confidence to keep writing. As such, she went on to pen her second novel The Chosen Seven then her third novel Melita followed by her latest release Primed for Vengeance.

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