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Title: The Ice Daughters (Dove Milson 2) by D.E White

Publisher: Joffe Books

Date Published: 17th December 2020

Genre: Police Procedural



Firefighters race to put out a blaze at a remote farm-house, only to discover two young girls alone in the house.

Their mother is gone — and in her place is the dead body of a man, frozen into a foetal position. Two chess pieces made of ice are arranged on her doorstep. Then it happens again. A missing woman. A frozen body. Chess pieces made of ice.

DC Dove Milson and her team are on the case, but time is running out to stop the killer. Then ice sculptures are left outside her front door.

Is this check or checkmate?

THE ICE DAUGHTERS is the utterly gripping follow-up to GLASS DOLLS in D.E. White’s bestselling Detective Dove Milson series.



I want to thank Jill Burkinshaw for inviting me on this tour and Joffe Books for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A woman goes missing, leaving her two daughters behind. A frozen body is found near her house. Are the two crimes linked?

The Ice Daughters is a great follow up to Glass Dolls, I can see this developing into a really strong series. I will say that you should start with the first in the series, as it gives away a bit of the plot of the previous book in this one.

I feel the author was a bit more confident in this outing and built on the great characters that I enjoyed in the first book. I really like Dove and Steve. I feel we get to know them a little better in this book than the last which is always a bonus.

This was a well-paced book, with plenty of action and a puzzling mystery that kept me guessing until the end.

I really enjoyed the mystery narrator whose POV was scattered throughout the book, adding to the mystery.

My only criticism is there’s a lot going on. First you’ve got a fire and a missing woman, then a frozen body and ice chess pieces…it was a lot to keep straight in my head.

The Ice Daughters is a solid police procedural that really kept me entertained throughout.

About The Author:

Daisy White started writing fifteen years ago, scribbling ideas at work on the night shift, firstly flying as cabin crew, and latterly working for the Ambulance Service.

Her 1960’s cosy mystery trilogy, The Ruby Baker Mysteries, was published in 2017 by Joffe Books, followed by psychological thrillers Remember Me and The Forgotten Child (HarperCollins) in 2019. 

Daisy’s new crime thriller GLASS DOLLS, (Joffe Books), is out at the end of March 2020, and is the first in the DC. Dove Milson series. 

Daisy is a multi- award-winning entrepreneur, and loves inspiring new writers to put pen to paper to start their own creative journey. She is represented by The Kate Nash Literary Agency.


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