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Children in Chains Cover

Title: Children In Chains by Lorraine Mace

Publisher: Accent Press

Genre: Police Procedural


Detective Inspector Paolo Sterling is determined to shut down the syndicate flooding Bradchester’s streets with young prostitutes.

When a child is murdered, Paolo becomes aware of a sinister network of abusers spread across Europe, and spanning all levels of society. But Joey, the shadowy leader of the gang, always seems to be one step ahead in the chase.

Has Paolo come up against a criminal he cannot defeat?

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UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07KW7C6M2

US – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KW7C6M2


I really enjoyed the first book of this series Retriever of Souls (you can read my review here) which I would highly recommend reading before this one just to get a fuller picture of the characters.

Wow, Children in Chains is dark, disturbing yet utterly gripping! I just could not get enough, I read it in just two sittings.

Paolo faces one of his toughest cases involving child prostitution and a community too scared to speak out against the ruthless criminals who are running it. His personal life is a bit of a shambles, with his ex wife at his throat and his daughter Katy still suffering from the events that happened at the end of the last book. To make matters worse, cracks are starting to show in his once efficient team.

A little warning this is a book about child sex trafficking, with children as young as six or seven, it is handled by the author in a sensitive way but some readers may finding it upsetting. It personally made me feel so angry that this still happens around the world in this day and age.

Again I have a little of the same gripe I had with the first book, which was the fact I had the main bad guy pegged from quite early on but it really shows how fantastic Lorraine Mace’s writing is that I read to the end without wanting to put it down.

Children in Chains will stay with me long after I’ve read it. Happily there is another in the series, Injections of Insanity, which I can’t wait to get stuck into.

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About The Author:

When not working on her D.I. Sterling Series, Lorraine Mace is engaged in many writing-relatedRetriever of Souls - Lorraine Mace activities. She is a columnist for both Writing Magazine and Writers’ Forum and is head judge for Writers’ Forum monthly fiction competitions. A tutor for Writers Bureau, she also runs her own private critique and author mentoring service. She is co-author, with Maureen Vincent-Northam, of THE WRITER’S ABC CHECKLIST (Accent Press). Other books include children’s novel VLAD THE INHALER – HERO IN THE MAKING, and NOTES FROM THE MARGIN, a compilation of her Writing Magazine humour column.

Social Media Links –

Website: www.lorrainemace.com

Blog: http://thewritersabcchecklist.blogspot.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lomace

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lorraine.mace.52

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