#BlogTour #Review Fat Chance by A.B Morgan @AliMorgan2304

Title: Fat Chance by A.B. Morgan

Publisher: Junction Publishing

Date Published: 15th January 2018

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


A missing barrister, a severed thumb and fat chance of finding out the truth.

Ella Fitzwilliam’s world is about to spiral out of control. She’s not cut out to be a private investigator. With little or no aptitude for the job, she’s been sent undercover to expose the hidden lives of two men who meet nearly every week at Buxham’s – a private members’ club where portions are large and secrets are held in strictest confidence.

One of those men is Harry Drysdale, a defence barrister, and the other is Marcus Carver, an eminent surgeon with a tarnished past and much to lose. Ella knows he has unhealthy appetites, she’s sure he’s feeding his perverted habits and putting his female patients at risk but she has to prove it.

When Harry Drysdale goes missing, Konrad Neale TV journalist tries to reveal the truth behind the lies, but some of the secrets start to reveal themselves… and they are big.

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So I’ve read a few of A.B Morgan’s books now and this is the second to feature the character of Konrad Neal (you can read my review of the first The Camera Lies here) but it works well as a standalone.

Konrad Neal is on the verge of having his popular TV show cancelled unless he comes up with some new fresh ideas. Then barrister Harry Drysdale goes missing, with only his thumb being found, and Konrad finds the perfect opportunity to do some digging.

Meanwhile, Ella Fitzwilliam is in-between jobs when her old friend Val offers her a job as a PI. She must infiltrate a private club Buxham’s, to follow Harry Drydale and his friend eminent surgeon Marcus Carver and get close to them. The only problem, she has no aptitude for lying, scheming or anything remotely covert. Has she bit off more than she can chew?

Fat Chance is quite a complex and interesting story with a real mix of colourful characters!

I found Ella to be very fascinating. Suffering from what seems to me like bipolar disorder, she’s flamboyant and cheerful but also very naive!

It does also contain a few weighty issues (sorry I had to get the pun in there). It shows how people are treated if they’re a little on the heavier side, how fancying plus sized women can be seen as such a taboo and also how fat shaming makes such women vulnerable to predators. Personally I think what ever size you are if you’re happy and your healthy nobody should judge you!

I have to be honest, the back and forth in the timeline at the beginning plus the introduction of new characters, it did take me a little bit of time to understand what was going on and get to grips with the story.

I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys complex and compelling crime stories.

About The Author:

Alison Morgan lives in rural Bedfordshire, UK, with her engineer husband and bonkers dog. Lifeunnamed is never boring and they are usually planning the next adventure. Alison spent several decades working on the front line of mental health services as a specialist nurse and latterly as manager of an early intervention service for first episode psychosis. However, when a heart problem brought her career to a juddering halt, she had to find a way of managing her own sanity, so she sat down to write some useful clinical guidelines for student nurses. Instead, a story that had been lurking in her mind came spewing forth onto the pages of what became her first novel. Since then she has been unable to stem the flow of ideas and writes full-time from a luxurious shack at the top of the garden. Alison writes under the name A B Morgan and. within her storylines, she continues to make good use of her years of experience in mental health services, where the truth is often much stranger than fiction.


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