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Happy Easter everyone! Today I’m excited to bring you a review of the fantastic Never Rest by Jon Richter.  I want to thank Bloodhound Books for my advanced copy and Sarah Hardy for organising this blog tour.

Title: Never Rest by Jon Richter

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Date Published: 30th March 2018

Genre: Mystery/Thriller.


Chris Sigurdsson has left the police force to start his own detective agency in London. He and his assistant, Priya, have built a strong reputation, and their casebook for the coming months is full. But Sigurdsson’s mind drifts back to his time as a Detective Inspector, and to the surreal week he spent investigating a case on Salvation Island.

When the estranged wife of David Lithgow, a writer who had been working on the island, approaches him to help locate her missing spouse, he cannot resist the allure of that sinister, mist-shrouded place…

The case leads him back to Salvation Island and into a treacherous labyrinth of deceit.

Is there a link between the mysterious proprietor of a travelling freak show and the malevolent spectre of a vicious serial murderer who butchered six young women on the island?

Has the killer continued his murderous spree from beyond the grave, or is there a copycat on the loose?

To solve this case, Sigurdsson will need to enter the mind of a sadistic serial killer and unravel the island’s darkest secrets. And if he wants to survive, he must confront his deepest fears.

B L O G B L I T Z (4)

Chris Sigurdsson gets a call from a worried wife, her husband, David Lithgow, has gone missing on the Island of Salvation while writing a book about their most infamous serial killer, Leonard Spitt. Due to his bipolar disorder, the police think he has committed suicide and due to lack of resources they don’t investigate too deeply.

Chris decides to investigate, going back to the Island he spent a week on tracking a killer five years ago, back when he was still in the police force. When he gets back to the Island he discovers that David has been living in the house of Leonard Spitt, and has documented his spiral into insanity. Can Chris find him before he loses his mind too?

This is the second novel featuring Chris Sigurdsson but it works perfectly as a stand alone.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this novel. It’s part mystery, part horror, part conspiracy theory. There’s this creepy sense of foreboding throughout the book, (a little like you get when you’re watching a horror movie and something is about to jump out at you), that kept me on the edge of my seat while I was reading.

The Island was a fantastic setting, surrounded in mist, almost abandoned, it gave me goosebumps! There’s also an strange and interesting cast of characters to keep you entertained.

It is a little gruesome in places, especially when they describe the Leonard Spitt’s killings. Also this may not be for you if you’re a fan of bunnies, but that is all I’m saying on that.

I don’t want to say too much more in case I spoil it for you, but this so far is one of my favourite books of the year. 

Rating: 5/5

About The Author:

Jon+RichterJon Richter lives in London and spends most of his time hiding in the guise of his sinister alter ego, an accountant called Dave. When he isn’t counting beans, he is a self-confessed nerd who loves books, films and video games – basically any way to tell a good story. Jon writes whenever he can and hopes to bring you more dark tales in the very near future. If you want to chat to him about this, or about anything at all, you can find him on Twitter @richterwrites; he’d also love it if you would check out his website at www.jon-richter.com.

Author: Ljwrites85

Aspiring author. Mother. General procrastinator. Book Nerd.

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