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Title: When I Grow Up by Patricia Asedegbega

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Language: English

Date Published: 25th July 2015


“You need a plan B,” said Alicia’s mother when at five years old she told her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Thirty odd years later, Alicia is on plan D: sharing a flat, no tangible savings, and working for hateful Julia, whose sole purpose in life is to make her existence utterly miserable. Good thing she has Oscar and the girls to make the long hours at work bearable. But when a series of events tears the close-knit group apart, putting friendships and motives under suspicion, will Alicia be able to restore balance and set things right? More importantly, will she ever be able to upgrade her life to at least plan C?
when I grow up


Alicia’s dream is to open up a bakery but she’s working in as an assistant at a top law firm, a job she dislikes, with a boss who she thinks hates her. The bright spot in her day is the daily coffee break with the other assistants. But one the assistants, Oscar gets accused of selling sensitive information and is fired. Alicia believes he’s innocent and sets about clearing his name.

This book was a bit of surprise for me. I was expecting chick-lit, which on the surface it is, but it turned out to have a large element of mystery in it. There’s no murder or anything like that but Alicia and her friends turning into amateur sleuths to find out who really sold the law firms secrets.

Alicia was inspiring, never giving up on her dreams. Also I would have given a high five for not slapping her ex, no-good Carlos, every time she saw him after he cheated on her with her neighbour.

My other favourite was Ebele, she strong and fearless, although she’s a little blind when it comes to the love that’s right in front of her.

There’s a few Spanish words scattered throughout the book but in the kindle version, you just click on the number that’s next to the word and it takes you to index at the back of the ebook which I found handy.

Although my only issue was there was quite a bit of repetition and going over the same things over and over again which I found a little bit irritating. Also I felt the dialogue at times was a little formal too.

Overall a light-hearted mystery with some great characters.

Rating: 4/5

You can purchase your copy here:

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/When-I-grow-up-1/dp/1514843137/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1515850151&sr=1-3&keywords=patricia+asedegbega

Author of I stand corrected, When I grow up…, Rewind, Balou uncensored, Bienvenidos a gatos Patricia Asedegbega Author Picanónimos, Pasarse cuatro Pueblos and Sesenta segundos dan para mucho, Patricia Asedegbega Nieto was born to a Spanish mother and a Nigerian father in Madrid. As a child, she relocated with her family to Nigeria and later returned to Spain, where she acquired her BSc and master´s degree. She is currently living near Madrid with her family and her very stubborn cat, Merlin Mojito.

Website: http://www.patriciascorner.co.uk/

Twitter: @Patricias_Place

Author: ljwrites85

Aspiring author. Mother. General procrastinator. Book Nerd.

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