#BookReview Six Little Secrets by Katlyn Duncan @katlyn_duncan @HQDigitalUK

Title: Six Little Secrets by Katlyn Duncan

Publisher: HQ Digital

Date Published: 24th November 2017

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery/thriller


Six hidden pasts.

One deadly outcome.

Some secrets never stay hidden for long…

Six teenagers meet in Saturday detention: a brain, a beauty, a cheerleader, a rebel, a recluse and the new girl.

But someone is watching. Someone has made sure that they are all in the same room at the same time. Someone knows that each of them is hiding a terrible secret…

and by the end of detention, everyone will know the truth.

Don’t miss this thrilling new story from Katlyn Duncan, perfect for fans of Rob Aspinall, Sara Shepard and E. Lockhart.

Six very different students end up in Saturday detention together. Zoe, a loner and social outsider. Teddy, a smart kid on his way to becoming class valedictorian. Jackie, head cheerleader and gossip queen. Q troublemaker and bad boy. CeCe a spoilt rich girl.

They are trapped in a library and forcing them to complete tasks, each one getting more and more dangerous. Everyone of them has a secret and somebody is hell bent on exposing them.

I devoured this novella in a day, I just couldn’t put it down! To me it was a mix of 80’s movie The Breakfast Club and Pretty Little Liars.

It’s fast paced, well written and there is some good twists and turns.

I really liked Zoe, she seems the most sane one of the group and the one throughout the story that we get to know the best. She’s still grieving the death of her father and hiding out at Saturday detention, even though she doesn’t have to be there.

Okay yes there are a few cliches, the mean cheerleader and the spoilt rich girl for example but I think the author makes each character memorable, especially when the characters’ secrets are revealed.

My only compliant was I wish it was longer and maybe delved deeper into each of the characters backgrounds more. The ending was also a little predictable too but sometimes that’s just what a story needs.

I will definitely be reading more from this author again.

Rating: 4/5

Author Bio (from Goodreads):

katlyn duncan authorI’ve been writing and reading since I can remember. My fondest memories were pushing mom out of the house to get the latest Goosebumpsinstalment. Even though I went to school and worked in the field of science, my head has always been in the clouds.

Outside of writing, I enjoy spending time with my hubs, pup, and sometimes a good rom com.

Author: Ljwrites85

Aspiring author. Mother. General procrastinator. Book Nerd.

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