#Review The Sherlock Effect by Raymond Kay Lyon @ThistleBooks

Title: The Sherlock Effect by Raymond Kay Lyon

Publisher: Thistle Publishing.

Date Published: 25th January 2018 (ebook available now)

Genre: Mystery/Thriller, Short story collection.


Christopher Sherlock Webster always blamed his Holmes-obsessed father for burdening him with an embarrassing middle name. He spent his school days desperately trying to live it down.

But after his old man prematurely dies, Christopher finds that he has somehow inherited the very same obsession…

Teaming up with Mo Rennie, a marketing-conscious pal, he starts up an agency called Baskerville’s, which specialises in the application of rigorous Holmesian method.

Here are five bizarre adventures from the files – a sumptuous feast upon which the gastronome of crime may gorge.

– A young beautician is stalked by a haunting stranger through the narrow streets of Cambridge. Yet he possesses love letters from the girl, ostensibly in her handwriting. How come?

– A science journalist disappears while investigating UFO sightings in Wiltshire. But is the explanation earthly or supernatural?

– When a pornographer receives death threats online he arranges protection 24/7. Will it work?

– A pop diva’s boyfriend is kidnapped twice by animal rights extremists. Should the ransom be paid again?

– Everything in the garden seems rosy when a millionaire widower meets Miss Perfect through a dating agency. But the lady soon starts to behave oddly. Should the wedding plans be shelved?Review:

Now I know I have so many other books to review before this one but when I saw this on Goodreads and the fact it was available on NetGalley, I knew I had to read it.

I am a complete and utter Sherlock Holmes fan girl. I have been since I was four or five and watched Jeremy Brett in the ITV adaptations with my mum (I later read the books too), so a character who’s obsessed with Sherlock Holmes was right up my alley.

They story starts with a brief history of how Christopher Sherlock Webster was saddled with his unusual middle name by his father and how he and Morris Rennie end up setting up Baskerville’s private detective agency.

It’s followed by five short stories written in a similar style to The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes but they are written by through Christopher or Sherl (Morris’s nickname for him) point of view rather than his Watson Morris Rennie.

Fur Trade – Famous singer Vicki Vine’s boyfriend is kidnapped by extremist animal rights activists, twice, after she was pictured posing in fur.

The Warminster Assignment – A star journalist goes missing after investigating UFO sightings

The Persistent Admirer – A young woman is being stalked by someone who claims to be in love with her.

Gardeners Questions – Millionaire and gardening enthusiast George Beaumaris asks the duo to investigate his fiancée after she starts acting strangely.

The Balcony Scene – Kevin Tripp, managing director of X.E media (an adult entertainment business) receives a death threat from someone called the Mad Monk, he asks the detective pair to provide him with 24 hr protection but will it stop the Monk?

I absolutely loved this book. Would I have liked it as much if it hadn’t been Sherlock themed? The answer is probably yes. Each story is so different with humour infused throughout and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I found out it was originally published in 1997 and there has been an attempt to modernise it a little bit but there’s still a bit of old style language like Ghetto-blaster or video recorder. Also I did figure out most of the endings but it was still an immensely enjoyable read.

I really hope the author has more of these stories to be published!

Overall a perfect book for Sherlock fans and people who love a cozy mystery.

Rating: 5/5

Author Bio:

Raymond Kay Lyon won several literary prizes at the Cambridge Grammar School. He went on to create a theory of time, based on its complete non-existence, which gained him an unconditional offer to study Philosophy at University College London.
After being signed by several record labels as a singer/songwriter in his twenties he finally abandoned music to write The Sherlock Effect, having lived for a year on Baker Street to give himself inspiration.
A keen Ufologist, Raymond appeared on television in the 1970s, while still at school, commenting on the flood of UFO reports in the Cambridge area, and outlining the theory that the Bible had extraterrestrial origins.


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