On The Shelf Reviews: All The Ways The World Can End by Abby Sher

Genre: YA

Date of Publication: 27th July


Heartfelt, funny, clever YA fiction to appeal to fans of Jandy Nelson, John Green, Jennifer Niven and Ava Dellaira.

Lenny is preparing for the apocalypse. Every night, she researches vacuum decay, designer pathogens, that inexplicable sleeping sickness knocking people out in Kazakhstan.

Not many sixteen-year-olds are this consumed with the end of the world. But Lenny needs to have some sense of control. Her dad is dying of cancer. Her best friend Julian is graduating early and moving three states away. She’s having to rehearse for a toe-curling interpretive dance show at school, and deal with her mum’s indefatigable jolliness and smoothie-making in the face of the disaster they are confronting.

The one thing keeping her hopeful is Dr Rad Ganesh – her father’s oncologist. Surely Lenny can win him round to her charms – and he can save her father?

An infectiously funny story with an unforgettable heroine: a story about having to learn to let go of what you hold most dear – and learning to survive.


So this was a bit of tough read for me. My mother died of cancer and it brought up a lot of emotions watching through Lenny’s eyes as her dad is dying. I have to give the author credit for handling such a harrowing subject with great care and understanding.

But overall not my cup of tea, but I however found the different ways the world could end, like vacuum decay or nanotechnology, absolutely terrifying. 

There were also a lot of tired old tropes in this book which I’ll list below:

The sick girl. Yes, she was mentally ill, (OCD and anxiety) but in my eyes this still counts as the same thing.

The gay best friend who’s male. (This is not confined to YA, this is just a general one.)

She has no other friends. Well, it does mention another girl who she use to be friends with but that’s it.

The inappropriate crush. She develops a crush on Dr Ganesh, her father’s doctor, who thirty six and she’s only sixteen.

The ending was full of hope for the future which I did find touching but it was not enough to save this book in my eyes.

Rating: 2/5

I received an advanced copy of this via Netgalley.


Author: ljwrites85

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