The Whispers – Flash Fiction

This is a piece of my own original Flash fiction I’ve been playing about with for a couple of weeks.  I hope you enjoy it! Also the image at the top of the page is not my own.

Night had fallen. The darkness was complete. Not even the moon, in all its silvery glory, shone. The people of the world had blotted it out.

Mia dragged her duvet cover up over her head with one hand, while the other clutched her tablet and headphones. Her finger hovered over the on switch.

Her mum’s voice filled her mind;

Beware, beware,

The whispers that aren’t there.

There must be no light, no light,

If you want to survive the night.”

Mia frowned, she never quite understood that rhyme. How could whispers be ‘not there’? And why was it just at night? The sun was out during the day wasn’t that like light? Why didn’t the whispers come out then?

No adult would explain it to her. Whenever she asked about it, everybody just looked scared and told her to go play or something.

She was ten now, practically a grown up, why wouldn’t they explain it to her? It just wasn’t fair.

Mia didn’t mind the whole no light thing, in the summer that was, when the sun didn’t set until nine or ten o’clock. But today was the middle of winter and the sun had gone down at four. There was nothing to do. You couldn’t even read a book. Her family mostly went to bed but she was still wide awake and bored.

That’s when she thought of her tablet.

It wasn’t a light, so she wasn’t breaking the rules, she had reasoned.

Her heart beat faster as she switched the tablet on, the glow of blue light illuminated her face.

Nothing happened. No whispers. No sound whatsoever.

She peeked her head out from the duvet cover, just to check nobody was there. Her door stood wide open. She saw out over the stairs, both her brother and her parents doors were shut tightly.

She clicked on the YouTube icon, plunging her headphone into her ears.

She pulled up a video of funny cats and began to watch, clamping her hand over her mouth to stifle the giggles.

Suddenly Mia felt cold. She turned over to see her duvet cover was being dragged from her body. It landed with a soft thump by the side of her bed.

She sat bolt up right.

That’s when she saw it. It was a long tangled vine with nasty looking thorns. It looked like one of those weeds that grew outside her house, actually outside everyone’s house. No matter what people did they always grew back again. She had always ignored them.

Mia pulled off her headphones and edged her way to the end of the bed to take a closer look at the plant.

That’s when she heard the whispers.

But they weren’t voices.

It was the sound the vines made as they crawled up through the windows and over the walls. In the dull glow from her tablet screen Mia could see her whole room was covered with them. They looked like a writhing mass of snakes.

A terrifying though entered her mind; nobody lived when they heard the whispers.

Mia clutching her tablet like a teddy bear scooted further and further up her bed until she hit the headboard.

One of the vines shot out from the rest wrapping around her leg, the thorns digging into her skin.

She tried to scream but another vine wrapped itself around her mouth.

They pulled her from the bed. She landed on the floor, with a jolt, sending waves of pain up her back. Her tablet flew from her hand. Another vine wrapped it’s way round her leg. She tried kicking, thrashing but the plants were too strong.

The plants wrapped themselves around her body, covering every inch.

Mia had never felt pain like it, the thorns dug deeper into her flesh. She almost passed out.

The screen of her tablet went off.

The darkness was complete again.

The plants loosen their grip and began sliding away until she was all alone lying on the floor.

Mia was too scared to move even though she could feel blood oozing from small cuts all over her body. She curled up in a ball and didn’t move until her mum found her in the morning.

© LJ Cassidy


Author: Ljwrites85

Aspiring author. Mother. General procrastinator. Book Nerd.

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